Bowel Cancer & What Can You Do To Prevent It?

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Two things happened today that made me decide to write this post. First was the death of Stephen Sutton from bowel cancer - whose inspirational story went viral on social media and touched the hearts of people around the world. For those who do not know his story, this 19 year old teenager with incurable bowel cancer tried to enjoy life as much as possible, while raising funds for a charity to support teenagers with cancer. He started a facebook page called ...


Parkinson’s Disease & Is This Condition Becoming More Common?

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Named after the doctor who first described the condition, Parkinson's disease (or PD) is a chronic disorder affecting how the brain co-ordinates the movements of the muscles in various parts of the body.   The disease is caused by the slow deterioration of those nerve cells in the brain which create dopamine. Dopamine is a natural substance.  It is found in the brain and helps control muscle movement throughout the body. In recent years, at least 3 friends have been diagnosed with ...


Is Turmeric the Natural Remedy for Arthritis & Inflammation?

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Everywhere I look on the internet these days, there is someone singing the praises of turmeric - it has become the most important natural remedy to go to. So, it is time to have a good look at it myself. I am especially interested because of its reported effect on inflammation and those conditions that follow such as arthritis. Research studies on turmeric One of the most comprehensive summaries of turmeric studies to date was published by the respected ethnobotanist James A. Duke, ...


Is It Time to Hand Out Statins to the Middle Aged & Older Like Candy? |

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Cholesterol has been the so called "big baddy" on the health scene for several decades, with the mainstream media and the medical profession alike urging you to cut back on animal fat and switch to low fat products in order to lower your cholesterol - while at the same time taking prescription statins. In fact, the exact opposite is the way to go as one of the best ways to raise your HDL cholesterol is to consume more dietary fats, ...


Tara’s Long Journey with Bipolar |

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I recently heard about Tara and her story and I thought I would share my questions and her replies here as it could help others who have had to battle similar problems. Bipolar Disorder, formerly called manic depression (and which describes it very well), is a mental illness characterized by alternating mood swings that range from periods of elation to deep depression with normal periods in between.  There are also changes in sleep, energy, judgement and behavior. When did you first notice ...


Treatment for ADHD |

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Doctors in many countries including the USA are quick to prescribe drugs as treatment for ADHD without delving deeper to find out what might have caused the condition in the first place. Some background info on ADHD ADHD (or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is diagnosed more often in boys than in girls, with boys more prone to have the combined type of ADHD while girls are more likely to have the predominantly inattentive type. ADHD tends to run in families. A child who ...


The Placebo Effect & Is It Fact Or Fiction? |

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You may well have heard the term “placebo” when reading about different types of medical studies. It usually means that half the participants - for example in a drug trial - will be given the real drug while the other half will be administered a plain pill or placebo, an inactive “look-alike” treatment or substance. It is not a medicine. While sometimes the placebo is in the form of a “sugar pill,” it could also be an injection, a liquid ...


These 6 Natural “Doctors” Will Give You All The Help You Need To Live Well |

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Forget the medications, the vaccines and the processed and convenience foods and turn to these 6 natural doctors to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation and generally promote good health and well being. Here are those 6 #1 Sunshine In the past few decades, the cosmetic industry has been actively promoting the use of skin blocks by building up a fear of sunshine which is partly why many now suffer from vitamin D deficiency. Sunshine, and the vitamin D hormone it produces, makes ...


With the Similar Sounding Annular Fissure and Anal Fissure, It Is Easy To Be Confused |

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-A fissure is another name for a tear or cut. You even come across fissures in the natural world – fissures can describe cracks in rocks. But in medical jargon, if you, a friend or a family member have been diagnosed with a fissure then you need to know what kind. It can be confusing when there are several similar sounding conditions such as annular fissures, anal fissures and even anal fistulas too. What is an annular fissure? An annular fissure or ...


The Dr Oz Dilemma & Does Making This Food Choice Mean You Are An “Elitist”? |

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The internet and social media have been riddled with condemning articles and derogatory comments directed at Dr Oz - of TV fame - since he published an article in TIME Magazine entitled "The Anti-Snob Diet".  Just about every natural health site has had its say - and not in a nice way - about “Dr Sell-Out” as he has now been branded. I wonder if he has any regrets? Are his ears a little red? One quote from this article by Dr Oz, ...

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