Parkinson’s Disease & Is This Condition Becoming More Common?

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Named after the doctor who first described the condition, Parkinson's disease (or PD) is a chronic disorder affecting how the brain co-ordinates the movements of the muscles in various parts of the body.   The disease is caused by the slow deterioration of those nerve cells in the brain which create dopamine. Dopamine is a natural substance.  It is found in the brain and helps control muscle movement throughout the body. In recent years, at least 3 friends have been diagnosed with ...


Is It Time to Hand Out Statins to the Middle Aged & Older Like Candy? |

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Cholesterol has been the so called "big baddy" on the health scene for several decades, with the mainstream media and the medical profession alike urging you to cut back on animal fat and switch to low fat products in order to lower your cholesterol - while at the same time taking prescription statins. In fact, the exact opposite is the way to go as one of the best ways to raise your HDL cholesterol is to consume more dietary fats, ...


How Do You Contract Lyme Disease? |

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  For many years it has been understood that Lyme disease is an infection caused by being bitten by an infected tick. It is called Lyme disease after the name of the town in the USA where it was first described back in 1975. Since then, thousands of cases have been reported both in the USA and elsewhere.  However, in the summer of 2013, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that Lyme disease was much more prevalent than previously ...


The Repercussions from Legalizing Marujana |

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  The states of Colorado and Washington in the USA recently made history when voters approved ballot initiatives to legalize, tax and regulate marijuana for adult use. Apart from the sales such legalization brings to those states, legalizing marijuana means that tens of millions of dollars will no longer be spent arresting tens of thousands of people for possessing small amounts of marijuana. Condemned for decades as an illegal substance, even though no one has ever been known to die of a ...


The Story of a Bipolar Zombie & How She Eliminated Deadly Medications to Heal Her Brain Naturally |

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I recently wrote about Tara.  You might remember my interview with her here.  Now with a bit of nudging from me, Tara has agreed to share some of her success secrets with you in the hope of helping others diagnosed with the same disorder. I am sure you will marvel at her perseverance but look how it paid off? She is a great inspiration to anyone who makes the decision to go the natural route for treating a chronic condition.  Here is ...


Tara’s Long Journey with Bipolar |

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I recently heard about Tara and her story and I thought I would share my questions and her replies here as it could help others who have had to battle similar problems. Bipolar Disorder, formerly called manic depression (and which describes it very well), is a mental illness characterized by alternating mood swings that range from periods of elation to deep depression with normal periods in between.  There are also changes in sleep, energy, judgement and behavior. When did you first notice ...


Natural Ways to Fall Asleep |

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 From my own experience, many men at whatever age (unless they are really going through a traumatic time) fall asleep at the drop of a hat and sleep soundly through the night. Women on the other hand carry a lot of worry on their shoulders (which always appears much worse at night) and many will either toss and turn before eventually going to sleep or they will wake up in the early hours of the morning with little hope of ...


What Makes ADHD Worse in Children? |

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Only children who struggle with inattention and hyperactive or impulsive behaviors around the clock are deemed to have ADHD and, if not dealt with properly, the symptoms can continue well into adulthood. So if the symptoms appear at school but not at home or vice versa, then ADHD is not the problem. Many parents are coerced into putting their children on anti-ADHD drugs as a solution instead of trying to find out what might have caused the condition in the first ...


The Placebo Effect & Is It Fact Or Fiction? |

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You may well have heard the term “placebo” when reading about different types of medical studies. It usually means that half the participants - for example in a drug trial - will be given the real drug while the other half will be administered a plain pill or placebo, an inactive “look-alike” treatment or substance. It is not a medicine. While sometimes the placebo is in the form of a “sugar pill,” it could also be an injection, a liquid ...


How To Reduce The Damage To Your Skin If You Are A Female Smoker |

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While we really do know about the dangers of smoking to the health, many young women who continue to smoke fail to realize the impact on their skin. Smoking will definitely cause wrinkles and other damage. Although the early skin damage may be hard to see,10 years down the line and the evidence could be very evident. The more cigarettes you smoke and the longer you smoke, the more skin wrinkling you're likely to have. And not just on your ...

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