How To Stop Bone Loss & Osteoporosis

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Broken arm with a plaster cast

Aging comes with a whole set of problems and unfortunately bone loss is one of them. But it need not be. You can prevent bone loss, stop bone loss and even reverse bone loss without resorting to toxic drugs with all their well known side effects . Did you know that the main cause of osteoporosis is a vitamin D deficiency? The good news is that it is easy to raise those levels of vitamin D so that you are less at ...


Our Top Ten Tips For Curbing Cellulite

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cellulite skin on her legs

Suffering from cellulite is not a new condition. It has been a problem for so long that, for years, women have been searching for and using natural healing treatments to combat cellulite and that orange peel appearance. There are lots of reasons why cellulite can appear and our earlier post will give you these.  If you are prone to those less-than-attractive dimples on the thighs, the buttocks and elsewhere, help is at hand. Our ten suggestions for some natural remedies for cellulite Obviously some will ...


Is it Time for Horses to Start Going “Au Naturel”? |

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  Horses are one of the most beloved of all animals and what little girl growing up does not dream of having her own pony? My husband and my children all learnt to ride when they were young, while my own connection with horses was to attend regular race meetings with my father in different parts of Kenya when I was growing up. Now we are living in an English village, it is lovely to be surrounded by different ponies and ...


Our Feet Deserve Some Extra TLC |

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How hard do your feet have to work for you and do you ever think about how you can make life a little easier for them? If we neglect them, there is a lot that can go wrong with our feet. Blisters on your feet These are small pockets of fluid that form. While the fluid is usually clear, it can be red if the blister is filled with blood or an ugly yellowish/green if filled with pus and indicative of an ...


How to Change Your Ways If You Are Diagnosed with Fatty Liver |

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Everyone has a small amount of fat in their liver but anything in excess of 5 to 10% of fat in the weight of your liver is definitely surplus, leading to liver disease and even serious health complications.  And contrary to public perception, liver disease is not always as a result of drinking alcohol. The liver is usually the largest organ in your body, performing many functions. Either directly or indirectly, your liver accounts for growth, immunization, nutrition and reproduction. But ...


Are You a Yoga Novice or Even a Non Starter? Top 10 Tips to Get You Going |

Added December 28, 2013, Under: Exercise, Health, Top 10

blog image - yoga mat

It is the beginning of a New Year and what better time for new beginnings and that old chestnut, the New Year resolutions. I have already made up my mind, deciding to join a yoga class for the very first time, with every intention of slowing down the aging process just a little! And being a blog writer, I had to find out what I was likely to be letting myself into and to share it with you. I contacted an ...


How to Shrink Your Hemorrhoids |

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Top of the list of main causes for hemorrhoids are constipation and obesity, making the necessity for lifestyle changes to shrink hemorrhoids all important. Such changes to a healthier way of eating and living often need to be quite drastic. Other reasons for hemorrhoids can be Pregnancy. Aging. Chronic diarrhea. Straining to have a bowel movement Sitting for long periods especially on the toilet. Knowing men's habit of sitting on the toilet reading, could this be linked to the fact that more men than women have hemorrhoids? Anal ...


Yoga for Arthritis |

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A diagnosis of arthritis will often fill you with a feeling of dread, worrying about a future filled with pain and stiffness and if you have failed to look after your joints, you may be even more concerned because ageing, being overweight, injuries, bad posture, lack of sleep and of course general wear and tear can all take their toll. There is one bit of good news though and that is that exercise can be so beneficial for arthritis even though ...


Parenting Children to Grow Up Healthy |

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  Perhaps now more than ever, parents have a huge responsibility in helping their children to grow up healthy.  The odds are stacked heavily against those children and in fact, some experts have pointed out that children today are in danger of being outlived by their parents. There are different kinds of healthy But it is not just being healthy in body and we will go into that a bit later on. It is also about children being healthy in mind and outlook. ...


Ergonomic Work Stations |

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  Most people working in an office today have a much more sedentary lifestyle, whether they are in company premises or have their own set up at home, making it more important than ever that they have an ergonomic work station. What does ergonomic mean? 'Ergonomics' is the name given to the science of designing environments and products to match the individuals who use them. It comes from the Greek 'ergon' meaning 'work' and 'nomos' meaning 'law'. However, it is definitely not the case ...

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