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8 Simple Painkillers Found In Your Kitchen |

Added March 18, 2014, Under: Inflammation, Men's Health, Women's Health

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What could be easier than raiding your own kitchen to find a natural remedy to treat your pain? Here are 8 suggestions Cloves I am sure most of you will have heard of curing a toothache with cloves. Well it may not provide a cure but, at the very least, temporary relief from severe tooth pain before you can consult a dentist. You simply place a whole clove into your mouth on or near the tooth that hurts, bite down while grinding to release ...

Erectile Dysfunction & Benefits of Using Natural Vs Large Pharma Company Products |

Added September 24, 2013, Under: Men's Health

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To the uninitiated, erectile dysfunction or ED means that a male cannot get and maintain an erection in order to have sex. Sometimes there is no swelling or fullness of the penis while at other times it may just become partly erect. The problem used to be called being impotent. It is often caused by the narrowing of the arteries that take blood to the penis, caused by a build up of fatty deposits. It is then a medical ...

Gout is Another Common Form of Arthritis Causing Pain & Suffering |

Added January 25, 2013, Under: Exercise, Men's Health, Nutrition

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This condition is yet another where inflammation is a contributing factor. The condition is called gout and it is often considered to a bit of a joke when older men suffer from it. Many will lay the blame on the gentleman himself for drinking too much and eating rich food. My own father used to suffer from gout so I know from experience how he endured the pain and discomfort in his later years. Gout is certainly not funny. While ...

Could 007 Have Got Hold of the Wrong End of the Stick Regarding the Sun & His Skin Cancer? |

Added November 29, 2012, Under: Men's Health, Skin Conditions

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It is fifty years since the first Bond movie and, although I don't like to admit it, I was a teen when Dr No was released and of course, along with every one else, went to watch at the local movie theater and loved the whole James Bond vibe. Now, everywhere you look, there are tributes to and interviews with everyone who has ever been remotely connected to the Bond phenomenon these past five decades. This week I came across an interview ...

Top 10 Foods to Battle the Blues |

Added July 10, 2012, Under: Men's Health, Women's Health

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It is said that food and mood could well be connected. If you are not eating enough of the right food, and especially foods that contain certain nutrients such as amino acids, minerals, fatty acids, protein, and carbohydrates that are needed for the body to manufacture its all important neurotransmitters such as dopamine, endorphin, glutamine and serotonin, you could be at risk of some level of depression. Listed are 10 foods and other ways to battle the blues but there is ...

Do You Have this Night Time Problem that Affects Your Partner Too? |

Added June 20, 2012, Under: Men's Health, Women's Health

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Most of us need and crave a good night's sleep but if this problem affects you or your sleeping partner, it can lead to disagreements, crankiness and even despair. So what can be done to ensure that everyone gets to sleep in spite of this very problem that could be caused by you or that partner in the bed next to you? Of course I am referring to that age old dilemma of snoring! A joke to some but something that has ...

Do You Have the Challenge of This Common Condition & How Can You Improve It? |

Added June 19, 2012, Under: Diseases, Men's Health, Women's Health

tweet blog image - high blood pressure

Many suffer from different common conditions, particularly as they grow older. I decided to interview one of my close friends, who has just such a condition to deal with, to find out more about how she copes and whether it was possible to make some natural suggestions to further improve her health. A bit of background is that the common condition referred to is high blood pressure and for the most part, high blood pressure is related to your body producing too much ...

What You Don’t Know About Coffee & How it can Help You |

Added June 15, 2012, Under: Men's Health, Nutrition, Women's Health

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Are you a coffee drinker and perhaps feeling guilty about your habit? Or would you like to start drinking coffee more often but you are worried about becoming addicted? Well you can safely forget all the detrimental words you have heard or read about coffee and instead, learn below how it can actually help you in lots of different ways. But first one proviso – it must be freshly brewed organic coffee and not a beverage made from instant coffee This is ...

10 Tips to Take Away Embarrassing Foot Odor |

Added June 9, 2012, Under: Men's Health, Skin Conditions, Women's Health

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Most people who suffer from foot odor are just as aware of the problem as those around them which makes it even more embarrassing for everyone concerned. The medical name for this condition is bromhidrosis and it is caused by bacteria that just loves to live in the moist, warm and dark home that has been made for them in socks and shoes. There are thousands of sweat glands on the soles of the feet, producing perspiration made up of ...

Worried About Hair Loss? Up to the Minute Research & More |

Added March 23, 2012, Under: Diseases, Exercise, Men's Health, Nutrition

tweet blog image - baldness 2

The age old problem of baldness has been the source of jokes, the subject of magazine articles and featured in TV sitcoms for decades and yet those affected still carry on searching for ways to halt or prevent baldness. Now a biological clue to male baldness has been discovered, raising the prospect of a treatment to stop or even reverse thinning hair. The BBC reports Studies of bald men and laboratory mice have got US scientists (at the University of Pennsylvania) analyzing ...

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