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Apr 23: Hair & How to Limit its Loss
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Apr 18: All the Red Richness of Rhubarb
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Apr 17: One Person’s Opinion Of The Human Race

Hair & How to Limit its Loss

Added April 23, 2014, Under: Diets, Environment, Men's Health, Nutrition

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Are you one of those who is losing their hair, even whilst relatively young? It is possible that you can blame your mother and father as both parents contribute to their offspring's chance of going bald. But while male pattern baldness through an inheritance trait is the most common cause, there are other reasons too, as well as ways to limit hair loss.  DHT is one of these reasons In male pattern baldness, hair loss typically results in a receding hair line ...

All the Red Richness of Rhubarb

Added April 18, 2014, Under: Diets, How To, Nutrition

tweet blog image - rhubarb pie

(Image courtesy of This is the time of the year in the northern hemisphere when rhubarb is growing profusely and, though this is described as a vegetable, it is mostly used for fruity desserts. Since moving to the countryside in England, we have taken on an allotment (part of a communal garden) and every plot boasts its own rhubarb patch so we have been given many bunches of these stalks, ensuring that we bake plenty of rhubarb and apple crumbles! The redder ...

5 Bits of Food Advice Not To Take |

Added April 11, 2014, Under: Diets, Environment, Health, Nutrition

tweet blog - FARM BUTTER

Over the past few decades, we have been inundated with “advice” on what to eat and what not to eat (mostly by the mainstream media) and there is a strong probability that this is why, today, the general public is more obese and less healthy. Unfortunately, this advice is actually downright harmful. Are you aware of what this advice might be?  Here are five of them... Eating only the whites of eggs Whites are higher in protein, magnesium, potassium, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, ...

Bringing Home The Bacon |

Added March 22, 2014, Under: Environment, Nutrition

tweet blog image - free range pigs

It is said that you can sometimes persuade a vegetarian to fall off the wagon by assailing their nostrils with the smell of bacon cooking! Few people can resist bacon and we are often told that it is an unhealthy food choice but this could of course depend on what type of bacon you choose. If you go for the cheapest cuts from factory farm pigs that are kept confined in crates for the whole of their lives, you are ...

Are You Open to Okra? |

Added March 1, 2014, Under: Environment, Nutrition

tweet blog image - okra

I am not familiar with this vegetable so all the more reason to write about it, especially as there would appear to be very important anti-cancer compounds in okra. What are these anti-cancer compounds? A newly discovered lectin in common okra has been shown to kill 72% of human breast cancer cells (MCF7) in vitro, mostly by inducing programmed cell death. The okra extract has also been shown to slow the growth of breast cancer cells by 63%. While the research on okra ...

Are you Anxious for a Healthy Chocolate Treat? |

Added February 22, 2014, Under: Health, How To, Nutrition

tweet raw-chocolate-cake-recipe

Who can resist chocolate, including me? But of course when we are trying to keep to the straight and narrow on our road to healthier living, our sweet tooth is always lurking there ready to jump in with temptation. But I have found the perfect solution... It is a recipe for a raw chocolate cake (courtesy of Nadia Petrova of According to Nadia, it has a wonderful rich flavor, it’s all raw, vegan, gluten-free and most important of all it is easy ...

Is There A Link Between Poor Nutrition and Allergies & Other Conditions? |

Added January 11, 2014, Under: Children's Health, Diets, Nutrition

tweet blog image - bone broth

Nearly everyone you meet these days would seem to be suffering from an allergy or chronic condition or has a friend or relative who is. For example, 1 in every 17 children has some type of extreme food allergy. Why is this happening and why are some conditions reaching epidemic proportions? Could it be because of poor nutrition and should we be trying to start the new year by making a concerted effort to improve our own nutrition and lifestyle habits instead ...

Alcoholic & Non Alcoholic Beverages & How To Ensure They Are Healthy |

Added December 27, 2013, Under: How To, Nutrition

tweet sangria

It is the festive season (and don't we know it!) and even if you do not go in for alcohol often during the rest of the year, you might feel that a celebratory drink or two is more than justified in December. But can you combine “healthy” and “alcohol” in the same sentence? It would seem that you can. I have been doing some research and I have found at least 4 that fit the bill (courtesy of First is one known as ...

How to Shrink Your Hemorrhoids |

Added December 7, 2013, Under: Exercise, Health, How To, Inflammation, Nutrition

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Top of the list of main causes for hemorrhoids are constipation and obesity, making the necessity for lifestyle changes to shrink hemorrhoids all important. Such changes to a healthier way of eating and living often need to be quite drastic. Other reasons for hemorrhoids can be Pregnancy. Aging. Chronic diarrhea. Straining to have a bowel movement Sitting for long periods especially on the toilet. Knowing men's habit of sitting on the toilet reading, could this be linked to the fact that more men than women have hemorrhoids? Anal ...

Gluten Free Thanksgiving Dinner |

Added November 24, 2013, Under: Diets, Nutrition

tweet Rachel's pie

So it is decided that a blog post for a gluten free Thanksgiving dinner is a good idea seeing as it is that time of the year. But wait a minute – there is just one problem. I have never sat down to a Thanksgiving dinner and in fact I have never even stayed in the USA during that time of the year. I have joined in every other kind of celebration – Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Easter, 4th of July ...

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