Right Handed or Left Handed & Should It Matter? |

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Although, nearly two and a half thousand left-handed people worldwide apparently die each year as a result of using products meant for right handed people, it would still seem that left handers can be rather special. The trials of being left handed And they do need to feel special because a left-handed person so often has the feeling that they were born into the wrong world. Everything is designed for right handed whether it be scissors, computer keyboards or irons. There are ...


Should You Be Concerned About What is Being Injected Into Your Child’s Body? |

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Mother Taking Temperature Of Sick Daughter

  When I thought about writing this post, it was going to be about flu vaccines and perhaps touching on other forms of immunization but I quickly realized that there is so much information, so much controversy and so much “not sitting on the fence” that the two each warranted a post of their own. So this one is about vaccinating children Back in the day (namely the 1970s) I never questioned the need to have my own children vaccinated – it was ...


Fluoride & the Facts to Make You Fearful |

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Mouth checkup

Once touted as the magic potion for combating dental cavities, the use of fluoride has done a complete turnaround with the now known health dangers of fluoride far outweighing any supposed but debatable dental benefits. Along with so many parents of my generation, and before we had the internet as a means of research and sharing information, we followed our dentist's advice and happily gave our children those little pink fluoride pills with only their best interests at heart. Some of the ...


How About Introducing a No TV Tuesday or Media Free Monday in Your Home? |

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I have friends who do not even own a TV and I am envious of their self control. It would be too hard for me to do away with television altogether but it can certainly be limited to the benefit of all. I remember how there was a massive power failure in Southern California a year or two ago when my daughter and her family were literally without any electronic entertainment for a full 24 hours. Along with the neighbors in ...


Children & Crocs. Are They Hurtful or Helpful? |

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Can you believe the ubiquitous Crocs have only been on the planet just over 10 years? Born in 2002, the shoe was initially intended as footwear for boating, with its nonslip tread and waterproof construction. "The product was originally produced in Canada in clog-form," says co-founder Lyndon V. Hanson, vice president of Crocs. "We added a strap for utility, and gave it some flair." While they were never ever going to receive any accolades from the notorious fashion police, people - and ...


The Ongoing Argument About What Causes Acne |

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Image: Stock picture of teenager

Acne affects about 85% of all Americans at some time in their lives and is the most common skin condition in the USA. Added to the condition itself is the self-consciousness and social stigma that come with having acne, as adults and teens alike often feel embarrassed and helpless when trying to combat and treat this disorder. Acne vulgaris is the name given to common acne and is a disorder of the sebaceous glands so that when these glands lubricate the skin ...


Top 10 Family Togetherness Tips |

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Today it has become more important than ever to encourage family togetherness. Fairly easy-to-do when the children are young but the older they become, and the more involved in out-of-the-house activities, the more difficult to achieve. Nevertheless, keep at it even if that means at least once a day or several times a week you all do something together BUT preferably minus all the electronic paraphernalia (yes that means no TV, no cell phones, no Ipads and more!) unless you ...


An Interview With Rachel, A Concerned And Caring Resident of California |

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During the past few weeks, Healing Natural Oils has conducted a number of interviews and here is the third in the series with Rachel who lives in Southern California. Rachel, thank you so much for agreeing to this chat and to begin with, please could I ask you about your professional and/ or work background? After university, I worked as a counselor to at-risk youth. My focus was young teenage girls who were choosing to have babies, some multiple times. I found ...


6 More Suggestions on How to Keep Your Child Safe in the Home |

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Following on my last post on the hazards in the home that face babies and young children, I have come across a few more suggestions which I thought well worth sharing with you as they might just save some lives.  6 more suggestions 1. There are frequent recalls on all types of products affecting young children from toys to medications. Parents can keep up with these by checking the recalls website and signing up for their emails to get updates of any recalled ...


Everyday Hazards Facing Young Children |

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I came across this article by Dr. Mercola and felt it was so important for all parents of young children to read that it should be repeated in its entirety here on the health blog. Sippy Cups and Other Little-Known Childhood Hazards by Dr. Mercola Sippy cups, bottles and pacifiers are the last items you’d expect to hurt your child. After all, their very purpose is designed for nourishment, nurturing and comfort … However, a new study has revealed that these objects ...

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