Suspect Moles & Modern Technology

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Diversity in Arms

Many people worry about suspect moles with the fear that they might have melanoma.  This is of course one of the most dangerous types of skin cancer, with a poor prognosis if not caught early on.  Because of the fear and risk of this sort of suspect mole, it is not surprising that lovers of technology will turn to this to allay their fears. How has modern technology helped us to deal with moles? Mobile phone applications, or apps, have transformed the ...


“Roundup” Is A Swear Word To Those Who Care About Health

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Swear words have been around for a very long time but I would like to suggest a new one for these modern times. Roundup has got to be one of the most lethal products ever put together and sold to a previously unsuspecting public and yet, in spite of all the bad publicity Roundup has generated and the untold damage it has caused, people are still buying and using it. But Roundup (manufactured by Monsanto)  is not alone – here is a ...


Are You Changing To Safer Cooking Utensils?

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Ceramic Frying Pan

In the past, it was not something we gave much thought to but now that we can find out so much more about our cooking utensils, and what harm they could cause, we can make a safer environment in our home. Teflon non stick pans Top of the list has to be Teflon non stick pans. This cookware is a major source of PFCs, (and in particular perflurorooctanoic acid or PFOA). It is when these pans reach high temperatures (680 degrees ...


It is Asbestos Awareness Week – April 1 to 7 2014 |

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How much do you know about asbestos? We would like to share some information during this special week of awareness. A few facts of interest Every year around three thousand people are diagnosed with mesothelioma, a deadly cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. On average, they are given ten months to live. Put it another way, three hundred days or  seven thousand and two hundred hours. Asbestos is still not banned in the USA with roughly thirty million pounds still being used every year. Even though it is thirty ...


Fracking & Will It All End Badly? |

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 Wherever I have lived in the past two or three years, the emotive subject of fracking has been hitting the local headlines. Yes, the USA, South Africa and the UK. And there are many reasons why fracking is so disliked and protest groups worldwide so vocal. Several countries have banned its use including Bulgaria, France, Germany and Ireland while the Czech government is seriously considering a ban. Many other countries have partial bans or moratoriums in place. What is fracking? Shale gas ...


Today is the Day to Fight Back |

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Sometimes we just have to do what we have to do... Today is Tuesday 11 February 2014 and it is the day that has been set aside to publicize an international fight back against mass surveillance. “Governments worldwide need to know that mass surveillance, like that conducted by the NSA, is always a violation of our inalienable human rights. Over the past year, more than 360 organizations in over 70 countries have come together to support the International Principles on the Application of Human Rights to ...


The Electronic Cigarette & Is It A Safer Alternative? |

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Even the most hardened smoker knows that it is dangerous to their health and yet cigarette smoking is so addictive that it is one of the most difficult habits to kick. If a smoker wants to quit, he or she deserves all the help and support we can give. And one of the most recent and popular ways is by using an electronic cigarette. The term “vaping” has taken the place of “smoking” for those who have embraced this new lifestyle. How ...


Top 10 Tips on Getting to Grips with Food Wastage

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There is a huge amount of food wasted by households in the Western world and yet we are frequently told how GM foods will help to feed the starving millions in the rest of the world. Time to get a grip and realize that we do not need toxic GM foods to solve any food shortage. We just need to drastically cut down on the waste of the food we already have. Examples of wasted food In the UK, households throw away at least ...


Improve Your Eating Habits |

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Mobile Phone

It is now recognized that what we eat in the western world today has changed more in the last 40 years than in the previous 40 000. Is it any wonder therefore that, up to a few decades ago, the general population was becoming healthier and living longer but now we are struck with epidemics of obesity, diabetes type 2, heart disease and many conditions caused by inflammation? Our prognosis for a long and healthy life is diminishing by the day. Needless to ...


How To Carry Out This Lifesaving Procedure in Place of Regular CPR |

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Many people when faced with an emergency situation would like to help but don't always feel qualified or capable enough to do so. There is good news with the release of this How To Video about an easier way of carrying out a lifesaving procedure. What research has discovered Studies have found that bystanders who perform continuous-chest-compression CPR in place of traditional CPR (with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation) save more lives. For example, adults who experienced cardiac arrest in a non-hospital setting, such as ...

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