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Facial Skin Tags

Skin Tags on Face

These fleshy, small growths extending from and connected to the skin by a thin stalk can appear on the face as well as elsewhere on the body. It is those on the face that cause the most embarrassment, distress and even discomfort. So although they are benign and harmless, facial skin tags can affect your appearance. Usually they grow up to half an inch in length before they stop growing. They are easy to self-diagnose but if you are in any doubt, consult your doctor or dermatologist for a definite diagnosis. Aging or overweight people plus those with diabetes are more likely to develop skin tags.

Fortunately, as soon as you notice one or more of these skin tags on your face and while they are still small, it is easy enough to arrange for their removal:
• Your doctor can remove them surgically either with surgical scissors or a scalpel.
• Skin tags can be cauterized when an electric current is used to eliminate the facial skin tags.
• Laser surgery is another effective way to remove facial skin tags.
• Cryosurgery is when skin tags are frozen and the skin tissues destroyed with liquid nitrogen.

All these methods can be successful but there is a cost involved and there may be some discomfort and even scarring.

Facial skin tags can also be removed in your own home:
• One way is to tie a piece of dental floss tightly around the base of tags. Over time, the blood supply will cease and they will shrivel and fall off.
• Skin tags can also be removed with topical treatment, using a natural essential oils formula that gently targets only the tissues of tags and destroys them without harming the surrounding skin. The formula will need to be applied 3 times a day for approximately 2 weeks but this method has a high success rate and is safe, painless and risk-free.

Once your skin tags have been removed, you can be confident that they will not grow back in the same place but you may notice them in a different location. Be on the look out and always treat them when they are small.

Pictures of skin tags on the face. In some cases, a skin tag can be mistaken for a mole, and are left alone for cosmetic reasons. Most facial skin tags are removed with natural removal options.

Multiple Skin Tags Close Up Skin Tags on Eye Skin Tags on Face Skin Tags on Eye Skin Tags on Face Skin Tags on Neck Skin Tags on Shoulder

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