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Skin Tags on the Eyelids

Skin Tags on Eye

While those bits of skin hanging off the eyelids may be harmless and benign, they can be quite embarrassing and even unsightly, especially if they start to grow larger.

You might wonder why skin tags appear on the eyelids. One of the reasons could be that you rub your eyes often – they can occur when there is friction from skin rubbing against skin. Other causes could be because of aging. 50% of people develop skin tags somewhere on their face or body during their lifetime although it is more common in women and after the age of 40. In addition, a tendency to develop skin tags can be genetically passed on. They are often found in the overweight or obese or as a sign of the presence of diabetes type 2 and of insulin rejection.

The earlier skin tags can be removed (while they are still small), the easier and more successful the procedure is.

How to ensure safe removal of skin tags on the eyelid?
Skin tags on the eyelids are more difficult to get rid of because of their close proximity to the eyes and most people are especially sensitive in that area.

Methods that should not be used include:
Applying over the counter medication to the eye area because you could damage the eye.

Trying to clip or cut them off yourself for the same risk of damage to the eye as well as scarring, bleeding and even infection from the removal of the skin tag itself.

Methods that can be used include:
Making an appointment to see doctor who has experience with such removal. He will have the necessary instruments and expertise to either freeze the skin tags off with liquid nitrogen or burn them off with a cautery tool. Both these procedures can be expensive and there may be some discomfort and even scarring.

An essential oils formula is another method to consider, as long as the tag is not too close to the eye. This can be carried out by you in your own home using a steady hand, a cotton swab and the very smallest amount of formula applied directly onto the skin tag while ensuring to avoid getting too close to the eye. After one or two applications, you will find the process becomes easier and within a couple of weeks of use, the skin tag will have disappeared. When you use essential oils, the skin tag will not return in the same place and there is no pain or scarring. If the skin tags are close to the eye this method is not recommended.

Although skin tags are usually easy to self-diagnose, your doctor or dermatologist will be able to make a definite diagnosis for you if you are concerned.

Pictures of skin tags on the eyelid and in the corner of the eye. Skin tags are commonly found on the face, and particularly on the eyelid and can be treated and removed naturally.

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