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Symptoms of Hemroids Treatment Options

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Most hemroids are caused by straining to pass a bowel movement, which in turn is caused by constipation.  Constipation is usually because of a low bulk diet and other factors.  So a change in diet and in your lifestyle is essential as part of a successful hemroids treatment.

Hemroids are swollen veins in your rectum or anus, often leading to discomfort, pain and even bleeding.  Hemroids treatment can vary from over-the-counter hemroids medication, natural treatments or surgical procedures.  But whatever type of hemroids treatment you choose, it needs to be accompanied by changing to a healthy diet and lifestyle as otherwise the hemroids will just keep on coming back.

Over-the-counter hemroids medications include;

  • Senokot which is a bowel contraction stimulant and Senokot S which is a stool softening or lubrication combined with the bowel contraction stimulant effect.
  • Aleve which is an anti inflammatory product for the aching discomfort of severe hemroid flare ups or
  • Anusol HC cream which is used for reducing the swelling, burning and itching sensations of swollen external hemroids.

Until recently, people looking for a hemroids treatment have relied upon brand name over-the-counter ointments and other medications for relief.  But with an increased awareness of their health and a swing away from chemical and even toxic medications, they are looking for more natural hemroids medications or remedies.  The good news is that these are often more effective and safer to use than synthetic chemical pharmacological options.

Natural hemroids treatments can be used as a safe and gentle way to get rid of the symptoms of hemorrhoids. However, it cannot be stressed too much to be aware that any treatment must be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle so as to avoid constipation and hemroid recurrence. 

To this end:

  • Eat a high fiber diet with at least 24 grams daily for women and 35 for men.  The average amount of fiber consumed in the USA is considerably less.
  • Drink plenty of pure filtered water daily.  A good test to know if you hydrating enough is to check the color of your urine which should be the palest yellow.
  • Increase your daily physical activity by choosing a form of exercise that you are happy to do every day for a few minutes at least but preferably for thirty minutes several times a week.
  • Add stool softeners or laxatives to your diet (if absolutely necessary) as a temporary measure until your constipation has disappeared.
  • Lose weight if necessary.
  • Respond to the urge to have a bowel movement immediately and stay relaxed to avoid straining.
  • Avoid standing or sitting for long periods.
  • Practice good personal hygiene by keeping the anal area clean.  Fragrant-free baby wipes work well while aggressive rubbing and scrubbing, using soaps, and other skin cleansers should be avoided as the area is very sensitive and you can make your hemroids worse.  Gently pat dry the area thoroughly afterwards.
  • Soak the anal area by sitting in a bowl of warm water as often as necessary to relieve discomfort.
  • Apply ice packs, cool cotton compresses or a cotton pad soaked in witch hazel several times per day to the affected area.

By following these suggestions, you should be 100% successful in treating your hemroids symptoms so that you do not have to resort to any surgical procedures.


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