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10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Health Naturally | Amoils.com

 width=Our immune systems have to work hard to keep us healthy but they will only work properly if we give them care and attention by getting all the necessary nutrients, and surrounding ourselves with the kind of environment that supports good immunity. Have you thought about how you can improve your health, and of course your immune system, naturally?

Are you in dire need of a helping hand?

Here are 10 easy ways to get you going: 1. If you are inclined to go a bit overboard in the food and drink department over the weekend, why not make Mondays a detox day? Think of it as a chance to cleanse by limiting your intake for the day to fresh fruit and veggies. You can have freshly squeezed juices along with chopped up raw salad and fruit and then return to your every day (but healthy) food ways again on Tuesday. 2. Another easy way to improve your health is to make sure your body is happily hydrated. Keep a re-usable 1 liter bottle of filtered water always on your desk or workplace to make sure you keep sipping throughout the day. One good thing to know is that once your body becomes used to adequate hydration, it will keep you informed that it wants water - so get into the water habit. 3. Everyone knows that they need regular exercise to improve their health but often getting started just keeps being put off for another day when today should be the day to get organized and going. Apart from using your local surroundings (whether the street, the park or if you are lucky the beach or the shore for walking, running or cycling) you could find a space in your own home, yard, deck or garage as your personal work out zone with a skipping rope, a couple of weights, a punch bag or a small trampolene or re-bounder. You might even encourage your partner or your children to join in. Don't be too ambitious to start with but build up with a little extra exertion each day. 4. Part of being out and exercising will be getting the benefits of sunlight (particularly between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm) and of course when that sun touches your skin (as long as it is not covered in sun block or sun tan lotion) your body will start to make that absolutely vital vitamin D to help prevent so many unwanted conditions and diseases, as well as helping with calcium absorption. If possible, spend a few minutes every day sunbathing and exposing as much skin as you can until it starts to turn pink. Vitamin D is a feel good hormone that comes to you absolutely free from the sun. Vitamins and other supplements can be a great way of improving your health naturally, offering something extra that might be lacking in your diet. Suggestions are salmon or flaxseed oil, a multivitamin, a slow release vitamin C and perhaps CoQ10 (the new kid on the block). Of course if you are tested for your vitamin D levels and found to be deficient, then a D3 supplement becomes very important to bring you up into the normal range. 5. You don't have to be a vegetarian to know that one of the healthiest foods of all are vegetables – fresh, organic where possible, and to be eaten raw often. Pick as wide a variety as you can of every type, color and texture for optimum benefits and if there are any veggies that you really do not like, hide them by adding some to a fruity smoothie for a delicious treat. 6. Too much stress is a modern day phenomenon that so many have to suffer and it certainly needs to be addressed to improve your health. Find a spot in your home or even outside where you can get away from disruptions and chaos, a place that is relaxing and comfortable and far from TV, computers and cell phones, for some downtime. If you have pets, spending time with them can be very de-stressing while making the effort to connect to the earth by lying on the grass or sand or walking or sitting barefoot will be very worthwhile too. 7. Are you sleep deprived or suffering from insomnia? If so, this an area of your life that needs attention if you are going to improve your health. Ask yourself whether you need an alarm clock to wake up; if you still feel tired after spending 8 hours in bed; if you are in a dark room (such as a movie theater) do you have trouble staying awake; or do you have an overwhelming urge to fall asleep during the day, often needing to take naps? 8. Avoid toxic pharmaceutical and over the counter medications wherever possible, turning instead to natural remedies as a way to treat the symptoms of a host of different conditions or using a chiropractor or other alternative health expert to help you recover your health. 9. Remove all those toxins and chemicals out of your home and out of your life, whether in your personal toiletries, laundry products, household cleaning products and whatever you use in your garage, your yard and your garden. Microwave ovens, smart meters, cell phones and other electronic appliances are also a cause for concern. 10. And last but not least, in the top 10 list for ways to improve your health naturally, is an active sex life helping you to relax, to sleep and even to burn off some extra calories!