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10 Healthy Habits For Busy Working Women | Amoils.com

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Are you a busy working woman, perhaps with children and a home to care for in addition to your career? Some of you may need some extra tips to help you get the most out of your day.

Here they are

  • Make sure you have had a good night's sleep before going off to work. The majority of people are seriously sleep deprived with many getting less than 6 hours sleep a night while many others suffer from sleeping difficulties such as insomnia. The recommended 8 hours per night will boost your immune system, your learning and memory capabilities, and affect your metabolism, weight, mood and heart health in a good way.
  • You will probably always make time for that first thing cup of coffee or tea but breakfast is the smart thing to eat before leaving for work. It can be a simple bowl of muesli, probiotic yoghurt with nuts and berries or a couple of eggs with whole grain toast and butter but getting a healthy start to the morning will protect against heart disease and even lead to a longer and healthier life. Eating breakfast means smaller rises in blood sugar and insulin during the day as well as preventing that desire to snack on junk food later in the morning.
  • Many of us are spending too much time sitting so posture becomes more important than ever. Good posture reduces the amount of stiffness in the back, neck and shoulder muscles, lowers your risk of injury, allows more oxygen to the brain and the lungs while aiding circulation. Slouching strains our back muscles. When there is more tension in the muscles than normal, they tire and the brain sends out a signal to the surrounding muscles to work harder, putting additional strain on them and often leading to problems with flexibility, fatigue and
  • Tension headaches. The more time we spend being sedentary, the greater our health risks so we need to move more.
  • Are you still smoking? If so, I am sure you are well aware that smoking harms every system and function in your body because tobacco smoke is a cocktail of over 4 500 chemicals, of which 43 are known carcinogens. If you can stop, your health will immediately start to improve and you will be able to tick off all these improvements: Coughing and sinus congestion clears up; nerve endings begin to recover and taste buds and sense of smell come alive; blood circulation improves and activity becomes easier; the lung's natural cleaning system starts working again and breathing is easier; the risk of serious diseases starts to fall;• the carbon monoxide levels in the blood decrease and there is more energy and stamina.
  • Do you moan and groan unnecessarily? Try to be more positive and grateful for your life. Automatically, grateful people are happier people: 'When people consciously practise grateful living, their happiness goes up and they are better able to withstand negativity around them. Individual happiness is about your attitude rather than your circumstances.'
  • Take care of your teeth as those who have poor oral hygiene have an increased risk of heart disease because inflammation in the body (including mouth and gums) plays an important role in the build up of artery clogging material, leading to serious cardiovascular problems. Regular dental check ups, a visit to the dental hygienist and cleaning your teeth with a non commercial toothpaste twice a day and flossing regularly should be part of your teeth care.
  • Learn to say NO so that you do not take on more tasks and favors than you can comfortably handle. This could be in the workplace, at home or in response to requests from family and friends.
  • Along with learning to say no is the need for time for yourself. Although women are natural nurturers, this nurturing usually extends to others rather than yourself. At least once a week, ensure that you do something that makes you feel uplifted and amazing. This could be a spa or beauty treatment, time out with friends or an exercise session. In addition, if you can learn to relax, the upside is that you will end up with more energy.
  • If you have children, help yourself and them by teaching the value of responsibility. Give them small tasks to do around the house. It is excellent training for them, gives them a sense of importance and eventually means a little less for you to do.
  • Organization is vital particularly if you have children. Some women might be very organized at work but not at home or vice versa. You need to work towards becoming more organized in every sphere of your life, saving you time, money and hours of frustration.