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10 Natural Ways To Grow An Earth Child | Amoils.com

 width=New moms-to-be often talk about having a natural birth but what about having a natural child – right from pregnancy to a young child and beyond. You can work on making as natural an environment as possible for your new baby. The numbers of skin problems, allergies, eczema, mood disorders, hyperactivity and attention deficit disorders have been increasing in an alarming way over recent times while a lowered immunity is also becoming a problem. The reasons for this could be household chemicals, preservatives, toxins, pollutants and of course the controversial vaccines.

Follow these 10 natural ways to grow an earth child

1. Traces of chemical toxins from body products are found in the newly birthed umbilical chord which means that products used by you could be absorbed and passed onto the unborn baby. Such products include nail polish, hair color, skin cream, deodorants and shampoos. Look for organic and natural alternatives as your first step to growing a natural baby when you discover you are pregnant. 2. Right from the beginning of your pregnancy, make it known that you are planning a natural baby so you can ensure that any baby gifts given to you by kind family and friends will be gifts you can use. They may need to be more inventive but nothing wrong with that! There are plenty of natural baby products on the market today including those made with pure essential oils. There are web sites devoted to toys and clothing that are eco and baby friendly. 3. Top of the list can be natural fiber, biodegradable or re-usable nappies. 4. Find pure cotton linen, clothing and mattress covers for the nursery. 5. Use sheepskin, wool or cotton to cover synthetic car seats. 6. Decorate your baby's nursery (and preferably the whole of your house too) with low or zero VOC paints and use eco friendly furniture, curtains and flooring as well. 7. Once your baby has been born, breastfeeding strengthens a baby's immunity and is the best environmentally friendly feeding option. The big plus for moms is that breast feeding helps to prevent breast cancer. 8. Once your baby is on to solids, encourage a taste for natural and organic. Choose natural sweeteners like stevia or maple syrup. Honey can be used once they are older. Children who are exposed to synthetic flavors like MSG tend to develop cravings and seek out junk food. Enlist the aid of your whole family in changing to a more healthy way of living for your child's sake and your own good health. Be aware of food sensitivities like wheat and dairy which do not agree with some children. If so try alternatives like rye or rice or oat milk. Go for organic whenever you can - without pesticides, preservatives and additives you minimize the chances of toxic build up. Keep your child away from as many processed, refined and sugary foods as possible. 9. Vitamin D is vital for us all including a natural baby – if there is sunshine available, take your baby out in it for a short period every day. Sunlight is the very best way to boost vitamin D levels. If the weather is cloudy and wintry, give vitamin D drops. 10. As your baby grows, teach him or her about recycling, composting and planting. Foster a love for being outdoors and enjoying nature. Nature makes us feel good and it will make your children feel good too. Young children are little sponges and will soak up everything you give them. Don't always resort to TV for entertainment. Use sensory stimulation such as music as a replacement some of the time. Your baby depends on you to keep him or her safe and healthy – growing a natural baby gives the best possible start.