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Top 10 Tips To Keep Your Hands Looking Younger | Amoils.com

Doctor's hand holding a wrinkled elderly hand We are all keen to work on the signs of aging and wrinkles on the face and neck but we may be guilty of neglecting another vulnerable area – namely our hands - especially if we live in areas with extremes in climate.

The skin on our hands is extra thin, needing protection to keep youthful

1. When the weather is cold, wear gloves not only to keep your hands warm but to protect them from damage. In very cold weather, finger tips can easily become cracked and even bleed. 2. When gardening, put on those special heavy cloth gardening gloves to protect your hands from thorns that can scratch, the occasional plant that can cause a rash or garden soil which can be drying to the skin. 3. When your hands are constantly in water, protect them with gloves but make sure that the gloves themselves are waterproof (such as rubber or latex) but are not harmful to your skin. Some people are allergic to the different materials that are used to manufacture the gloves. Keeping your hands dry will protect them from yeast infections, nail fungus, harsh and toxic chemicals while slowing down the ageing process. 4. Keep a hand cream or lotion next to your sink, making sure it is made with pure and natural ingredients, to use before putting on gloves or after washing your hands. 5. Exfoliate your hands by adding a little sugar to your natural liquid hand soap and wash as usual and rinse. Your hands will feel so soft and silky. 6. When putting moisturizer on your face and neck in the mornings, massage any left over into your hands at the same time for added moisture and nutrients. You can do this at night time too if you put any creams on your face, always making sure that everything is natural as possible. Hands that are moisturized before bed will have hours and hours for such moisturizer to sink in and do its work. 7. Pamper your palms but adding a small amount of natural moisturizer to your hands before lacing your fingers together. With your thumb, work the moisturizer around the fleshy part of your palm. You can also treat the fingers by massaging them from base to tip. This is a great way to revitalize your fingers after too much typing on that computer keyboard! 8. When I am bathing, I always add some drops of natural baby oil to the bath water as this helps to seal in the moisture over the whole body including your hands. Just pat dry the whole area with a soft towel after your bath rather than rubbing or scrubbing dry. 9. Keep the cuticles hydrated by using a natural cuticle and nail oil twice a week which you should apply to each cuticle in turn and rub in. Making a habit of this will ensure that you notice and look after your nails too! 10. While it is important to allow regular sunlight to as much of your body as possible to ensure an essential vitamin D top up, it is probably best not to overdo the hands because they can become very easily sun tanned and this could lead to ageing too. So use a natural sun screen because whatever you put on your skin goes into your skin and into your system. It has now become well known that sun screens are full of toxic chemicals that can even lead to cancer. Ten great tips to ensure you have soft, silky smooth and youthful looking hands for years to come!