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10 Tips to Wake Up Feeling Happy!

alarmclock silhouette at sunrise cityscape Of course top of the list has to be a good night's sleep. But that sometimes takes a bit of work and effort to achieve.

Our top ten tips

1. Try to relax more before bedtime so that you fall asleep more easily. Reading in bed with a natural candle burning safely on your nightstand is one way to relax. We share how to choose safer, more natural candles in our earlier blog post. Look for those candles that are made without additives. Beeswax candles are a good choice. Beeswax is long burning and has a natural honey scent. But be aware of “blends” and ensure you get a 100% beeswax label. Another healthy option is 100% vegetable/soy wax candles that burn extremely cleanly and come from renewable resources 2. You could do a few yoga exercises. Even if you have never got involved in yoga before, we tell you how to get started. Among its many health benefits, yoga will ease anxiety and help with any stress. 3. You could have a warm relaxing soak in the bath. One way is with an Epsom salts bath as these are very beneficial, relaxing and therapeutic. They soothe muscle soreness. Epsom salt is not actually salt; it is a mineral compound – magnesium sulfate. It looks like large salt crystals and they easily dissolve in water. Another way is to add a couple of drops of our own H-Insomnia Formula to your bath water. 4. Most important of all is to keep away from those electronic devices in the hour or so before bedtime while keeping the bedroom as minimalistic as possible to provide a clean and dust-free environment in which to relax and sleep. Always use natural and non toxic materials to clean and care for your bedroom area. 5. Consider a delicious bedtime treat. Fresh cherries, as these are a great source of melatonin, make the perfect bedtime snack. In fact studies have shown that a regular intake of cherries or cherry juice at bedtime can give the insomniac up to 90 more minutes sleep at night. 6. Think about going to bed an hour earlier. Many of us today are sleep deprived anyway. Even if you do not fall asleep straight away, that extra hour gives you time to switch off your mind and gently drift off. 7. Certain plants in the bedroom will help to improve the quality of your sleep and give you an instant mood lift when you wake in the morning. Now you can safely share your sleeping space with at least one of these five plants. For example, lavender is known to help reduce anxiety and stress and this has been common knowledge for centuries. Lavender will also slow your heart rate. The calming properties of lavender are what makes their essential oils such an important aid for soothing and relaxing sleep. 8. Wake up to sunlight! Even if it is winter time and the mornings are still dark when you have to wake up, you can invest in a bodyclock lamp. This will wake you up gradually with a simulated sunrise. What a good idea is that!
9. Plenty of money to spare? How about a coffee-making alarm clock. The Barisieur 299 is an automatic coffee or tea brewer alarm clock which slowly welcomes you to the new day by waking you to the sound and smell of a newly-made cup of coffee. Or maybe you have a lovely partner who brings you a cup of freshly brewed coffee or tea to help you wake up gently?
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10. Rise and shine but not before you have a good stretch - just the same as a cat does. We can learn a lot from our pets as to how they wake up after a sleep (short or long). Tense your muscles for thirty seconds before relaxing and repeating - as many times as you can fit in. This will release tension and leave you alert, energised and hopefully happy for the day ahead.