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Top 10 Ways To Counteract Those Toxins When Vaccinating Your Child - Amoils.com

 width=There is considerable controversy surrounding giving vaccines to infants and young children and and it is growing. If you are a parent or shortly going to be one, please make every effort to research the subject so that you can make up your own mind.

Vaccinations can weaken your immune system

They are not one size fits all, and should be used very sparingly and only where the benefit clearly outweighs any risk. Vaccines contain many contaminants apart from the active component - that's how the pharmaceutical companies make the vaccine "work". The big question you should ask is why vaccinate against something that is usually a mild illness. In the past, these childhood illnesses were very important in priming and developing a strong immune system. For example, now that children have been vaccinated against chicken pox for some years, more and more older people are developing shingles. In the past they would come into contact with children with chicken pox and this would give a boost to their immune system. Now they are not getting this contact and the number of shingles cases are rapidly rising. There are many other documented reports on various vaccines and the problems they have caused.

If you vaccinate, do everything possible to protect your child from the toxins and adverse affects of the vaccine

1. Breastfeed as long as possible (at least the first year of life and preferably much longer - at least 2 years is the ideal). 2. Put cold compresses on the spot where the jab took place as this will help to relieve the inflammation. Do this for two to three days several times a day. 3. Make sure your children have a diet which is largely made up of vegetables, fruits, meat and other healthy food – organic if possible. Steer clear of the sugars and processed, refined foods . All berries are good antioxidants and help the digestive system to flush out toxins as well as building immunity. 4. Include good quality fish or krill oil in their diet. The oils contain EPA and DHA which are Omega 3 fatty acids that help our body's immunity. 5. Give extra vitamin C which is another method to flush toxins from the body. 6. Sufficient rest and sleep is very important along with plenty of exercise. 7. Instil in your child a liking for plenty of pure water to set them up with a lifetime habit. 8. Stop slapping on the sun block at every opportunity. We all need daily sunlight to boost our vitamin D levels and children are no exception. If the weather is too wintry for sunshine, you will need to supplement with vitamin D3. 9. Educate your child to wash their hands at appropriate times and to practice good personal hygiene. Public hygiene and sanitation are the biggest breakthroughs in disease prevention of all time! 10. Investigate using an essential oil product such as Vaccin-tox that helps clear the toxins from the system after a vaccination.

The known toxins and cancer-causing ingredients in vaccines

  • Thimerosal (a mercury derivative)
  • Formaldehyde (a known carcinogen)
  • MSG (a neurotoxin)
  • Antibiotics
  • Ethylene glycol (anti-freeze)
  • Other mystery substances including fragments of random viruses, cancer cells, and cells from various animals
As reported by Mike Adams in NaturalNews: The US Supreme Court handed down a 6-2 decision that said parents of vaccine damaged children have no right to sue vaccine manufacturers even if vaccines kill their children! This now confirms that vaccine companies have blanket immunity from all lawsuits in the USA, and parents can no longer use the law to seek compensation for their children who are damaged by vaccines. For more on this story. Before you make up your mind about vaccine shots for your own children or grandchildren, please do some research of your own.