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10 Ways to Lose Belly Fat, Healthily | Amoils.com

belly fat I am sure you have all seen those ads that continually pop up on your computer screen promoting 5 foods that you should not eat to lose belly fat such as “Cut Down a Bit of Your Belly by Using This One Weird Old Tip”. So instead here are 10 ways (including foods) that you can eat and use to lose belly fat – but these are all healthy options. And I know they work because my husband followed these tips and came through with flying colors – the inches just fell off in a matter of a few months. He just has to keep it up now. That can be the biggest problem after losing the belly fat – to not let it gradually climb back on again. The first thing you have to realize – as unpopular as it may be – is that losing belly fat will not come without some effort and perseverance on your part.

There is no magic potion to losing belly fat

1. Exercise of course is vital and this can start off with the walking, the swimming and the cycling because one of the best ways to work that bulge of belly fat in the lower abdomen area is to use your legs. In addition, strength training will tone your muscles, and cardiovascular work will increase your metabolism by getting your heart pumping. More working those muscles in a cardio vascular workout means more burning of calories. Simply put, you need to get out of breath! But make sure that you give your body adequate rest in between any intense workouts, letting your muscles recover and firm up. The good news is that you will burn more belly fat if you alternate intense workouts with rest periods. 2. It is not just about food and exercise as sleep is also an important component of losing belly fat. If your body does not get the rest and sleep it needs, it is not going to function optimally. Sleep and rest help to burn up calories too. A good night's sleep means quality sleep, restful sleep and sufficient sleep. If insomnia is a problem, treat your insomnia naturally. 3. We all know the damage that stress can do to your overall health and of course weight gain or loss. Take some time to reduce the overall stress levels in your life – you will know where the problem areas lie and what methods you can use to relax. Of course the two previous tips – exercise and sleep are great stress relievers but you can add deep breathing, listening to your favorite type of music, enjoying a long soaking bath with all the trimmings or reading, to the list. Reducing stress will help reduce the amount of stomach fat you have. 4. Change to raw food from processed food. Raw food can include fresh vegetables, fruits, pulses, sprouts, seeds, and nuts like walnuts, almonds and cashews. Raw honey is another suggestion and of course raw dairy. In winter time and with the colder weather, we all tend to crave hot, comfort food. You can cook pulses in soups or stews – pea soup is a great example. Meanwhile many processed and so called 'low fat' foods have a high sugar content and contain chemical additives that interfere with your metabolism, making it almost impossible for you to lose belly fat. 5. There are many healthy fats you can use in your daily diet such as avocados, nuts, seeds, soybeans, healthy cold pressed oils such as virgin olive oil and coconut oil and butter from grass fed cattle (Kerrygold butter). Avoid those trans fats present in many processed foods such as margarines, crackers, biscuits or any product containing hydrogenated oils. Remember that trans fats lead to general obesity and increased belly fat. 6. In addition to your minimum 5 servings of fruits and vegetables together with dairy, lean meat, fish, poultry and eggs, change to whole grains rather than those refined grains. If you can cut out bread entirely, so much the better. The name "wheat belly" is very apt. 7. Cut out or cut down the sugar – you should not have more than 6 teaspoons of sugar daily from any source. So check the ingredients and stick to whole foods with no additives. 8. Limit the tea, coffee and alcohol and ditch the sodas and artificial sweeteners (apart from being toxic but also proven to make you crave more sugar) for pure filtered water – 8 glasses a day. If you drink a glass of water before your meal, it really does make you feel a bit fuller and you might eat a bit less. 9. Eat more fiber - soluble fiber such as apples, oats and cherries when gradually added to your diet will speed up the burning of visceral belly fat. Try to eat fruit well before your meal. This is because fruit goes through the intestine system more quickly than other food and the waste from fruit will be quickly eliminated. Leave the skins on your fruits and vegetables whenever possible for added fiber and choose organic. Baked potatoes in their skins – delicious. 10. I don't need to tell you about the risks of excess belly fat – heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, some types of cancer, type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, high triglycerides, low levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) or "good," cholesterol, metabolic syndrome, sleep apnea and of course loss of self esteem.

For excellent results

Remember to maintain a slow, gradual weight loss rather than trying to speed it up in a short period of time.