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20 ACHIEVABLE Ways to Become a Healthier You | Amoils.com

 width=So you made all those New Year resolutions and by now in March, they have all gone out the window! Well let’s make it easier for you. Most people want to be healthy - emotionally, mentally and physically - but if lifestyle tips and guidelines are too extreme and rigid, they will just give up and go back to their old “bad for you” ways.

How about a list of ACHIEVABLE ways to get you healthy?

The important thing is to make the good things become a habit and they say that if you do something every day for a month, it will become a habit. 1. Work on boosting your immune system because if it is not up to scratch, this will affect your health. Sugar, artificial sweeteners, coffee and of course smoking will all weaken your immune system. Stay right away from cans of soda. It is just not worth it. 2. Get enough exercise – you can easily do this by walking instead of going by car, by climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator, by finding the furthest parking spot from the store and of course by taking the time to go for a walk, a swim, rebounding on a mini trampoline or any other form of exercise you enjoy. 3. Build up your reserves of Vitamin D and the best way is through sunlight. Get outdoors as much as possible, kick off your shoes and try to ensure sufficient time in the sun. The darker your skin, the more time sunlight you need. Vitamin D is an amazing free gift we can give to ourselves. 4. Get enough sleep – this may mean having a couple of early nights during the week – not so difficult! Most people are sleep deprived and this can be at great cost to their health. 5. Drink enough liquids particularly water. If your urine is not a very pale yellow, then you are most probably dehydrated. If you are not getting enough liquid, your skin is the first organ to suffer and will dry out. Avoid drinking bottled water but rather invest in a good water filter saving you money and putting less strain on the environment. 6. Make a point of starting to eat more healthily by picking on one meal a day – for example breakfast. If you eat a healthy breakfast every day, you will then be able to move on to other meals in time. You know what you have to eat for your health’s sake! And it is much easier if you keep it simple. A big plus is to eat one helping of raw fruit or vegetables with each meal or even to make one meal each day raw with salads, nuts, raw cheese and more. 7. If you are off to work early the next morning, put your clothes out ready the night before, make up your lunch box (healthily!) and do any other chores that will make the morning rush that much easier. 8. If your wardrobe is bulging with too much stuff, be ruthless, have a clear out and give it all to a charity. Then resolve to give away one item every time you buy a new item. Your wardrobe and clothes storage should be neatly arranged so that you can see at a glance what you need and your clothes don’t get creased or crumbled. It will save you time in the long run. 9. For females - clear out your handbag regularly – it can so easily become a dumping ground. 10. Practice turning off your cell phone! It can be done! 11. When you are at work change to processing your emails just twice a day. You know how they interrupt a task. Make a point of unsubscribing from any emails, newsletters or RSS feeds that are no longer relevant in your life. 12. Finish old tasks before taking on new ones both at home and at work – it is easy to get bogged down if there is too much going on. Focus on one thing at a time. Women especially are too keen to multi task. 13. Try to create a routine for each time of the day so that your time is not wasted. But make time for you to relax, to read, to socialise so it’s not all work. Limit the TV viewing. 14. Keep in touch with family and friends on a manageable level and make sure their phone numbers and addresses are correct and up to date. 15. If you are not already set up for internet banking, then it is time you were. It will save you time, energy and grief. Everything is recorded for you! It will make it easier to manage your finances and consolidate your debt. 16. Learn to say “no” if you really do not want to do something or you feel you have to because of an obligation. Remember this is about getting you healthy in every way. 17. Reduce the stress levels by learning yoga or one of the other forms of relaxation, take a soothing hot bath with Epsom salts and lavender or get a professional massage. Massages have loads of benefits. 18. Put a little nature back into your life with indoor plants, growing sprouts and herbs in your kitchen or start a vegetable garden. Endless advantages to all these pastimes. 19. Don’t be afraid to ask for help any time things become too much. Friends and family will quickly rally round but they may need you to ask first… and finally 20. If you are taking medication for any condition, resolve to go on line and find out all about your condition. It may just be that you can take a more natural treatment to heal yourself. So much better if you can use a healing natural product rather than taking synthetic chemicals.

Focus on the process of changing to better habits and it will happen

Many of the points above are covered in our posts so if you need to know more, you know where to find them!