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Copper is Key for Lifelong Water Bottles and More

  Copper steel texture background Originally extracted from the earth some eight thousand years ago, copper became the first metal to be refined into a high level of purity and has been used for storing drinking water for centuries – long before steel and aluminium. In fact, copper pipes have been the pipes of choice by plumbers for use in buildings for a very long time, being a very durable and long lasting plumbing material. As long as your plumber uses lead-free solder, copper pipe should safely last as long as your house.

Why is copper so perfect for water storage?

  • It is healthy because pure copper naturally alkalizes your water and deposits trace copper, a mineral needed for countless vital processes.
  • It is naturally self-sterilizing because bacteria, fungi and viruses all have a strong allergic reaction to copper – so strong that in most cases they are completely destroyed after a short exposure to a copper surface. While copper does share this property with a select few metals, these do not include steel and aluminum.
  • Copper has a unique process of aging. Instead of rusting or chipping, copper develops a multi-colored “patina”, a surface discoloration that actually serves to protect the copper from further aging. This means, copper storage items can last for hundreds and even thousands of years without any serious amount of damage or change to their original size and shape. They do not break down when exposed to the environment.

Copper just keeps on giving

We all need copper for our immune system to function as well as helping us to think, process information from our senses, recover from injuries, burn off fat and more. Copper is also present in every cell of our body. If we regularly use copper storage for water, we will pick up trace amounts of copper which will be added to our daily requirement. In addition, trace copper found in water is bioavailable copper which is easily absorbed and used by our bodies.

Helping to protect the environment

We are all being encouraged not to use plastic bottles for water storage – on so many levels. Massive amounts of energy wasted in producing plastic bottles which can be toxic and leach chemicals; even more energy is wasted in travelling long distances for the bottled water to be delivered to your local supplier; and then the end result is no healthier than filtered tap water. Americans and others in the Western World are paying from $1 to $4 a gallon for bottled water which costs up to 1,900 times more than tap water AND uses up to 2,000 times more energy to produce and deliver. 86% of all the plastic bottles bought in the USA end up in landfills. Those same bottles can then take up to a thousand years to degrade. There has to be a better way.

Copper water bottles are now available

tree of life copper bottle One company has come up with copper water bottles – the ideal way to carry water on the run, in the car or whenever you need to take water with you when leaving your home or your work place. These copper water bottles are known as CopperVedics bottles and of course are made with pure copper – and only copper with no other metals, no alloys, lining, plastic lids or mystery materials, even in the bottle caps. And they have a beautiful shine too! Each and every bottle is formed from a single sheet of copper which is shaped into an elegant vessel with no joints or seams. The caps are also formed from pure copper with a small American manufactured, FDA-compliant, food-grade silicone ring that sits between the bottle and the cap to ensure no unwanted leaks or spills. We have mentioned the self-sterilizing properties of copper earlier in the post but this means that these copper bottles keep your water tasting good too. No plastic taste or the leaching of chemicals into your precious water supply. A copper water bottle is for life – in every sense of the word!   copper-health-infographic (1) Infographic courtesy of https://coppervedics.com/