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6 Top Tips on How to Get the Best out of Your Juicing Habit | Amoils.com

Juice with vegetables ( carrots, beets, tomatoes and cucumbers ) Most of us know that juicing fresh raw vegetables along with some fruit and spices can be one of the most nutritious things to drink for your good health, providing the ultimate prevention against disease and sickness. But before your start your juicing regime, here are a few top tips to get you on the right track...

6 juicing tips

1. Start your day off with juice while you still have an empty stomach, or wait for at least 2 hours after eating, so that you allow all those wonderful vitamins and minerals to enter your bloodstream. If your stomach is full before drinking your juice, the contents will prevent the quick absorption of the nutrients you have gone to all the trouble to produce in your juice. 2. Drink your juice while it is fresh and never make a large batch, thinking you can use it over several days. Once a freshly juiced beverage is exposed to the air, its live enzymes begin to deteriorate so that once again its nutritional value is diminished so ideally, drink within 15 minutes of juicing for a live enzymes energy boost. If for any reason you cannot consume your juice straight away, store in the refrigerator in an airtight container filled right to the top (so that no air can get in) for a maximum of 36 hours. 3. Be wary of introducing fruits and veggies that are high in fructose when juicing. The problem is that too much natural sugar in your diet can affect your insulin levels and lead to cravings and weight gain. Limit your juicing to include just one sweet fruit or veggie per saving to be safe. If you or your family members find this too difficult to stomach, start with a higher fructose content before gradually decreasing the sweetness so you and they become more accustomed to it. At the same time, don't always use the same greens. Ring the change with as many different veggies as possible as variety is the spice of life plus you will prevent any build up of oxalic acid (which can affect the thyroid gland) and provide more of a balance in your nutrient input. 4. Remember that drinking a juice, however beneficial and nutritious, is not supposed to be a meal replacement but an amazing and unsurpassed vitamin supplement to take half an hour or so before your complete meal. A large glass of good juice will give you your full day's quota of fresh veggies. Extra benefits can be added when you pop in some additional spices like turmeric or ginger. I like to add some rooibos tea (previously made, brewed and poured into an empty ice tray and frozen) – a few rooibos ice cubes is an easy way to add extra nutrition. 5. While drinking your juice, don't just swig it down as quickly as possible as if it was a nasty tasting medicine – yes I know some people think of it as that! Rather swish it around a couple of times before swallowing. The reason for this action is to release important digestive enzymes in your saliva that will deliver those nutrients to your cells. amoils - juicing vs. blending 6. A final reminder is to ensure the thorough and regular cleaning of your juicer after use so that it is clean and healthy for the following day and your next high energy boost. Get into that juicing habit – your body will thank you!