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Seven Natural Ways To Combat Cellulite

 width=Many women start to notice that tell tale dimpled skin and orange peel effect of cellulite from quite a young age and very few escape altogether because some 95% of all women will suffer from this skin condition to some extent.

The appearance of cellulite

Easy to spot with its orange peel, puckered appearance of the skin, cellulite is usually found on those areas where fat gathers – namely the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. For some it is in the genes and then they follow the kind of lifestyle that aggravates the condition. While you cannot help the genetics factor, you do have a choice with other causes such as lifestyle, diet, exercise and stress levels.

The main reasons for cellulite

  • Digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, constipation or liver problems.
  • Constant stress, that leads to tension in the neck muscles, problems with the vertebrae and inflamed tissue, which is thought to cause cellulite at the back of the neck. Prolonged stress and the associated surge of adrenaline can also lead to increased fat storage in the stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs.
  • Cellulite in the upper arms and legs is common in older women and this is thought to be partly caused by impaired vein systems in the arms and legs while surprisingly too much leg exercise can lead to cellulite appearing on the front of the thighs. Aging plays a big role in cellulite formation.
  • There is a septae structure under the female skin which is very fibrous and mesh-like making it prone to trap fat cells.
  • The female hormones estrogen and progesterone – while the former encourages fat cells to develop and grow around the breasts, thighs and buttocks, the latter can lead to fluid retention, weak veins and weight gain.
  • Pregnancy is a time of drastic change in the body including fluid retention and a surge of hormones while the growing uterus can also affect circulation and lymph drainage. Plus any cellulite problems will usually worsen with each successive pregnancy although the good news is that breastfeeding is very beneficial in reducing cellulite.
  • A sedentary lifestyle means little or no muscle contractions and a strong possibility of weight gain. If you are overweight or obese, you will be more prone to cellulite plus any fat accumulation will also push the existing cellulite upwards so that it is more noticeable. Please take note that crash diets are particularly harmful because they lead to the body wanting to store fat.
  • Cigarette smoke is damaging to vein and capillary walls causing inflammation and leaking, while nicotine itself can affect your circulation.
  • Highly processed foods, artificial sweeteners and other additives build up toxins in the body and ultimately, cellulite.

Those 7 natural ways to combat cellulite

  1. Make a warm drink to take each morning on an empty stomach by mixing 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into a glass of warm water. Add a small amount of honey as a sweetener.
  2. Coffee scrub is made by simply mixing a handful of ground coffee granules with some olive oil and then massaging the affected areas of cellulite with it.
  3. A gentle apple cider massage treatment could help to reduce the appearance of cellulite when you mix 3 parts apple cider vinegar with one part of your favorite massage oil. Then gently knead this solution onto affected skin areas twice daily.
  4. Physical exercise like walking or swimming, and even yoga, are all effective ways to control stress and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Exercise for 20 minutes a day, 5 times a week. This returns your body chemistry to a balanced state in which cellulite is less likely to develop. When you take up yoga, it whips your leg muscles into shape but it can help smooth spongy thighs too. Cellulite is a symptom of reduced lymph circulation, and yoga helps lymph flow more freely through fatty areas, flushing toxins and reducing cellulite.
  5. Think about using a mini trampoline to make you fit, tone your body, assist with weight loss, boost your lymphatic system, detox your body, boost your immune system and help get rid of cellulite. A gentle bounce is used to warm up and end your session. Your feet remain flat on the mat, your hands either on your hips, by your side or holding onto a support bar and you bounce very gently while you breathe consciously and steadily. Your “zone” is a bounce you slip into without even thinking about it. Remember to slow right down at the end of a session, first to a gentle bounce and then a standstill before stepping off. Then have plenty of water to flush out all the toxins and to rehydrate your body. An extra special tip for cellulite is to tap or slap the affected areas as you breathe and bounce.
  6. Include these fresh foods in your new healthier way of eating because they are particularly good for combating cellulite: asparagus, avocados, bananas, broccoli, pears and cucumber.

And finally for our seventh tip...

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