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7 Steps To Achieve An All Over Natural Face & Body Exfoliation | Amoils.com

 width=Your skin is constantly shedding dead skin cells so just as you brush your hair every day, it makes good sense to use a soft dry brush daily to gently exfoliate your skin.

Exfoliation will improve the circulation of blood and lymph

It will also enhance the detoxification process through your skin. This practice removes dead skin cells. The first layer of the skin is called the epidermis which is composed of several layers of cells - the outermost of which is made of dead skin cells called the horny layer. This layer is some 80% protein and only 20% water. The skin sheds more than a million cells every hour so that over roughly a month, your skin renews itself by shedding its outermost layer. Studies and experiments with human cell cultures have shown that normal cells stop dividing when they touch their neighbors. Exfoliation can therefore speed up the process of reproducing new cells by removing dead cells. Exfoliation can make all the difference to this process, energizing your face and body, improving circulation and resulting in a better looking complexion and glowing skin.

How to carry out a dry brush exfoliation?

Buy a soft, dry skin brush with natural bristles from a natural health store or online and follow these tips: 1. Before your daily shower, stand in the shower stall with the water turned off. 2. Using a soft and dry brush and starting at the bottom with your feet, brush in small circles that rotate towards your heart. This process helps to increase the blood flow under the skin. Work your way up the legs but be careful and gentle so that you avoid any broken skin, areas where they may be skin rashes or even patches of thinner skin such as the inner thighs. 3. Once the legs are completed, move on to the arms. From your fingertips, keep brushing and in the direction of your heart. Put pressure on the brush with your fingertips. 4. More awkward this stage, but reach round to your back and brush from your back and shoulders towards your stomach. 5. Move on to the stomach and chest areas and again brush in small circles towards the heart. 6. When you reach the face, use extremely gentle brushing of the face with small circular movements. Gentle manual facial brushing will achieve all of the following: speed up cell turnover; maximize oxygen intake; strengthen the skin's inner structure; and best of all reverse the effects of aging. Afterwards, use a good nurturing and healing cream to accelerate the skin recovery time and to allow you to use the brush daily. 7. Then turn on the faucet and enjoy a refreshing shower while at the same time the water washes away all that dead skin. Or you can bathe after exfoliation. If possible, bathe in pure water that is free of toxins that can enter the skin through the pores. Whether bathing or showering, use a natural soap that has peppermint or tea tree oil instead of ordinary soap with harsh chemicals that can strip your skin of moisture.

You should feel clean, relaxed and pleasantly calm after this experience

Your skin should be glowing and in time you will greatly improve your overall skin health. Carry out daily to remove toxins and impurities along with dead skin cells.