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8 Tips for A Thorough Cleansing Of Your Body Before “The Holidays" | Amoils.com


If the thought of the upcoming holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Eve, is getting you worried about the possible damage to your body and your system, perhaps now is a good time to have a thorough cleansing to remove all those harmful toxins. This could mean you will be in the best possible shape to face a bit of over indulgence during the festive season.

Here are eight good ways to carry out that detox – some with a bit of hardship

  1. Ditching the sodas once and for all and cutting down on caffeine and alcohol while changing to drinking that mandatory 8 daily glasses of plain, filtered water. This will give you a good start on flushing out impurities and if you can get into the water habit (and keep it) then all the better.

  2. Have you ever thought about undergoing a fast? Your body might well be very grateful for such a 24 hour session where you only drink water, fruit juice and/or vegetable juice. This particular tip may not be such a hardship because there are so many delicious vegetable and fruit juicing recipes on the internet to enjoy. Such a fast will give your body a complete rest for the day. Here is one such recipe which is ideal for cleansing: two whole raw beets, one apple, one carrot, one orange, one lime plus a handful of cilantro or parsley. Pop in a capsule of spirulina and juice.

  3. Part of the cleansing process is also to cleanse your colon. You can do this by eating foods that are high in fiber. Apart from vegetables and fruits, you will find plenty of fiber in sesame seeds, hemp seeds, oatmeal as well as pistachios, pecan and all other varieties of raw nuts.

  4. Another part of the cleansing process is to cleanse the liver. The liver can be a very hard working organ, particularly if you drink alcohol and consume a lot of sugar. So give your liver a break by kicking the sugar habit, taking a rest from alcohol and including plenty of lemons or grapefruit in your diet as these will help to cleanse the liver while preventing toxins from spreading to other parts of the body.

  5. Cleanse your body of parasites which can cause health problems such as bloating, cramps, diarrhea, allergies, anal itching, anemia, low immune system, mucus or blood in stools and even affect your mood with anxiety or depression. And picking up parasites could be easier than you think - restaurants with poor hygiene, holidays in foreign places with impure water or handling pets and animals. Oil of Oregano is one way to kill parasites while helping to boost the immune system. Put 6 drops in a teaspoon of olive oil three times a day. Pumpkins seeds is another. For the freshest pumpkin seeds, remove the seeds from your pumpkin and expose them to air for a few days to dry them out and eat them raw first thing each morning.

  6. Exercise is always an important part of good health but working a bit harder at your regular exercise so that you work up a bit of a sweat is excellent for getting rid of toxins at the same time. Just sweat them out.

  7. You don't really need to be told about the harmful effects of smoking – every one knows what they are even if they don't want to. Not only do all tobacco products contain toxic chemicals but the habit also spreads them and other toxins throughout your whole system. Giving up the habit can be the start of a cleansing session.

  8. Whatever else you do to cleanse your system, one of the easiest ways is to eat a diet that is rich in vegetables plus fruits, nuts, seeds, free range eggs and poultry, fish from safe, sustainable sources and meat that comes from grass fed animals. Any dairy food should be raw if at all possible or organic at the very least. When you do your shopping, cruise the outside aisles of the supermarket where the fresh produce lives, and avoid those middle aisles that are full of processed and packaged foods. Stick to living, whole foods that are raw whenever possible. If you can grow some of your own food, so much the better.