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What You Eat Can Affect Your Arthritis Symptoms & Even Reverse Them

 width= Millions of people suffer from arthritis - and the word arthritis means inflammation in the joints. There is a common misconception that if you use your joints too much and work them too hard over your lifetime, you will wear them out.
But apparently there is no evidence showing that using your joints causes them to wear out more quickly.

Do not believe the wear and tear myth!

In fact, you need to keep them moving and active. To exercise regularly, to walk for that thirty minutes every day and even to pull some weights.
There are lots of different exercises you can safely carry out when you have pain in the joints. But there is more. If you can feed your joints the correct diet, they can renew, rebuild and rejuvenate the tissues that lead to optimal function for your age – whatever your age.

What is this about food for your joints?

The way to remove inflammation from your joints - and renew, rebuild and rejuvenate - is through your diet. The list below goes in order of importance for reducing inflammation - starting from the top...
  • Drastically reduce your carbohydrate intake.
  • Remove grains - wheat, rice, corn and even oats. All these modern grains are grown with defence proteins included to prevent animals eating them but these same proteins do your joints no favors.
  • You don't need that dairy milk! Stick to butter, ghee, full fat cheese and double whipping cream instead. Regular dairy contains too much lactose and too many milk proteins.
  • Some sufferers from joint pain might need to go further and remove the nightshades from their diet. Nightshades include tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and egg plants.
  • And finally, legumes do not suit everyone. Beans and peas may not be for you.

Cartilage can get replaced between your joints

You can find out more about which diet and which nutrients decrease the inflammation in your joints and lead to healthier, happier joints from this video by Dr. Ken Berry which he is more than happy to share with everyone who interested. As someone who tries to live in a healthy way, who is anxious to avoid medication if at all possible and who wants to keep on going well into old age, I found his video very interesting and informative.