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A Jacuzzi is Enjoyable, Fun and Good for You! | Amoils.com


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One of the few treats you can enjoy these days without having to feel guilty is a Jacuzzi and this is because of the many health benefits it offers.

There are many health benefits

  • A Jacuzzi can be used and enjoyed all year round and is much more relaxing and soothing than just a plain bath. With jets that can be directed at certain muscles, a Jacuzzi is great for back or leg pain, strained muscles and overall soreness. Many people with arthritis benefit from Jacuzzis. They are also very beneficial to the circulatory system as they get the blood moving. Good for your heart and the rest of your body too.
  • If you have had an accident or illness, you can use the jets in a Jacuzzi to re-build the strength in your muscles. By resisting and pushing against the flow of water, muscles can be exercised and strengthened.
  • An early morning session will wake you up and get you ready for the day by not only relaxing your body but giving you that extra energy you will need.
  • An evening session will help you to relax and sleep better by relieving any stress and pain and generally just help you to wind down. So many of us suffer from insomnia these days (especially mature women) that an evening soak in the Jacuzzi certainly goes a long way towards having a better night’s sleep.

For maximum benefit from a Jacuzzi, make sure there is enough power going to the pump that operates the jets. The ideal ratio is one pump for every twenty jets so that the jets function effectively.

My best and worst experiences

The best Jacuzzi I ever enjoyed was at La Quinta Resort, Palm Springs, in the middle of winter. Right outside our resort cottage was our own personal Jacuzzi and it was hot with steam permanently rising off the water. I relished it so much that in the 2 days I spent there with my family, I must have gone in at least 5 times per day. And I slept like a baby!

The worst Jacuzzi I ever endured was in France and also during the winter. We were staying at a guest lodge in Saint-Paul de Vence when we spied a Jacuzzi in the garden which my son-in-law offered to check out. It was more of a hot tub with a cover and he turned up the thermostat, made sure it was working and left it for an hour to come to perfection. But when my daughter and I climbed in, the power tripped and in the cold night air, the temperature soon started to cool. The proprietor came to check and he could not make it work. We were too cold to get out and too cold to stay in!

Be wary of chemicals

The one drawback of a Jacuzzi to your well being could be the use of chlorine in the water as this can cause an allergic reaction in some and help to dry out your skin.

However, there is a disinfecting agent known as an ozonator system supplied by the Jacuzzi company which decreases chemical usage.

Or you can use a chlorine generator which is a electronic device that creates a small amount of pure chlorine (just enough to keep the water sanitary) automatically by making use of salt in the water. The electrolytic cells split ordinary salt into chlorine and sodium. When the chlorine is used, it reverts back to salt and the process begins all over again. This system uses 2.5lbs of salt per 100 gallons.

Be careful during pregnancy

The other concern about the use of a Jacuzzi is when you are pregnant. It is important to regulate your body temperature during pregnancy as studies have shown that, by increasing your temperature above 102 F for more than 10 minutes in the first 7 weeks of pregnancy, you can increase the risk of miscarriage or some neural tube defects such as spina bifida.

Because of this risk, avoid Jacuzzis during the first trimester if you are pregnant and only use a Jacuzzi occasionally, for short periods of time (less than 10 minutes) and at a lower temperature setting for the rest of your pregnancy. I am sure you will have realized that I am a great fan of the Jacuzzi and always take the opportunity of using one whenever I can.

If you get the chance, you should try one too!




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