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Adie & the Magic of Coconut Oil | Amoils.com

 width=My young granddaughter was recently found to be lactose intolerant which meant that we had to take her off dairy products as they were causing a red rash on her face and elsewhere on her body. We found that instead she could have the occasional organic dark chocolate treat, she could add rice milk or almond milk to her breakfast cereal and in place of ordinary butter, she was very excited to have magic butter (namely coconut oil). She called it magic because as she spread it with her knife, it disappeared completely into her toast or her bread. And of course Adie was not far off with her “magic” butter because coconut oil offers a myriad of magical health benefits whether you use it internally or externally.
  • Coconut oil works wonders as a moisturizer for all skin types and even more so if you have dry or ageing skin. It is the fat in the oil that helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles without any irritation. In addition, coconut oil can help to moisturize other skin conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and more. Coconut oil is a popular ingredient in some of the more expensive skin care products - but now you know their secret too!
  • We all get the odd stressful situation but you can actually help diffuse such occasions by giving yourself a bit of a coconut oil massage which works in two ways. One, you will relieve the stress and tiredness by applying the coconut oil in a circular, massaging motion to your head and two, the lovely soothing coconut scent will actually lower your stress level.
  • Do you suffer from digestive problems including irritable bowel syndrome? Coconut oil can come to the rescue yet again because the saturated fats in the oil are high in properties that firstly, help you absorb vitamins, minerals and amino acids in your other healthy foods and secondly, help to control any parasites and fungus that could be causing indigestion and other gut problems.
  • Many people shy away from oils and fats because they fear putting on weight. Well, coconut oil is a natural low calorie fat so you can safely use it by the spoonful, as a spread or in your baking, in your quest to lose weight. It is said that coconut oil will stimulate your metabolism, improve your thyroid function and escalate your energy levels, helping to decrease any unwanted fat but increasing muscle.
  • Coconut oil has healing properties too. You can safely apply some of the oil to any scrapes, cuts and bruises where it forms a thin protective layer for any wound, keeping out dust, bacteria and other nasties while at the same time helping to repair damaged tissue.
  • For a wonderful and 100% natural hair conditioner, think coconut oil. After you have washed and rinsed your hair with shampoo, massage some coconut oil into your hair and leave it on for up to 30 minutes to do its work of nutrition for the hair and the scalp. when the time is up, rinse it off again and notice the difference!
Get into the coconut oil habit by making sure you always have a jar in the house. If the weather is warm, the oil will become runny and in time could even go rancid, so pop it into the refrigerator for safe keeping and build up your habit by starting with a teaspoon of coconut oil daily. Too much to begin with and you might find it upsets your stomach. It is rather rich - and magical - after all!