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All You Need to Know About Body Oil

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Moisturizing is always key to having a softer, smoother and younger-looking skin. And it is not just the skin on our face, the rest of our body craves moisture too.

Simply Body Oil Formula is made from a blend of pure natural essential oils and cold pressed or expeller pressed precious oils, providing the perfect way to improve and enhance the skin’s natural moisture.
Apply a few drops where needed morning and evening and even throughout the day when necessary. A tip is to keep a bottle of Simply Body Oil Formula in the shower, so you can apply to the skin when it is still damp. This ensures maximum absorption.

The ingredients include:

  • Ylang ylang pure essential oil which is ideal for balancing the skin's natural oil secretion.
  • Sandalwood essential oil with its renowned moisturizing properties will reduce skin inflammation and hyper pigmentation to give a youthful glowing skin.
  • Pomegranate oil which is rich in Vitamins A, K, D, E and antioxidants with a rapid absorption rate.
  • Sweet almond oil with its fine texture to ensure easy absorption while helping to leave the skin soft, smooth and non-greasy.

Why our Bodies Need Moisturizing

When our body is cold, it tries to conserve heat. Part of this process forces the blood vessels in the skin to constrict, keeping our skin from the getting the moisture it needs. This can result in dry, red and irritated skin. As a result, you're left with dry, red and irritated skin. Fortunately, moisturizing regularly helps to replenish your skin's lost hydration.

When our body is hot, the heat can dry out the skin and cause breakouts. While it can be very tempting to take a dip in the pool or ocean during hot summer days, it can dry out the skin. Your body's natural moisture can evaporate with the water after swimming - but you can prevent your skin from becoming dehydrated by exfoliating after your swim and applying a moisturizer.

Moisturizing after a shower is very important too because hot water strips all the moisture and oils from our skin, possibly leaving it parched and dry. Both extremes are harmful for skin, even causing common skin conditions such as acne.