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Are You Addicted To This Substance & How To Fight That Addiction


Most people are quickly becoming aware of the dangers of sugar and the need to reduce their intake or preferably eliminate it from their diet. But of course, the love of sugar is a form of addiction and we know how difficult addictive substances can be to turn away from. Unfortunately, sugar can be a form of poison

Are you addicted to sugar?

There are 6 ways to help reduce that addiction

1. Learn which products contain added sugar and which don’t. That does mean reading labels and religiously – at least to start with until you learn what ingredients are in which products. And of course not just sugar but high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) which is conveniently hidden away in so many foodstuffs in the USA.

2. Make a list of the sauces, condiments and other products in jars or bottles in your fridge and replace them with organic healthier versions and minus the added sugar.

3. Learn to forget about sweet treats and snacks and instead enjoy other satisfying but healthier alternatives such as raw nuts, trail mix and fresh fruit.

4. Be aware that when you eat out at restaurants, the homes of friends and family or pick up take outs, these will definitely contain sugar whether it is in the products used in their preparation or the sauces and dressings added afterwards.

5. Be wary of anything that is labelled sugar free because instead you will be consuming artificial sweeteners (a whole dangerous additive itself) or low fat because when the fat is removed, it can be replaced with sugar instead.

6. Completely ditch all sodas (including diet sodas) and sugary drinks and change to pure filtered water or even water that has been infused with some slices of fresh fruit.

But what can you use in place of sugar?

There is a safe alternative to sugar and that is stevia – used for a thousand years in South America, and for a generation in Japan. It has been available in the US for many years but until recently was classed as a supplement by the FDA. However, when the Coca Cola Corporation wanted to include stevia in one of their ranges, the “supplement” tag was changed by the FDA to a “food” tag and now it is even more readily available, and not just in packets and liquids, but in bulk (in the same way as cane sugar is) in the aisle of your local supermarket. Unlike aspartame and other artificial sweeteners, stevia is a natural plant and a safe, natural alternative to sugar that has been around for over 1500 years and perfect for preventing weight gain and general health. Stevia is hundreds of times sweeter than sugar and is virtually calorie free. Use in moderation because Stevia can still decrease your sensitivity to insulin. 

Your taste buds play an important role too

The average person has up to 10,000 taste buds and they are replaced every 2 weeks or so. If you can keep up your new habit of reducing or even eliminating sugar for that period of time, it will get easier. In fact you will even start to notice how sweet foods taste naturally - without any additional sugar. Once you are no longer overloading your taste buds and olfactory cells with sugary foods, you will begin to notice other more subtle but equally rich tastes. Please think seriously about lessening your dependence on sugar – your health will really thank you for it. And not just for weight loss although that can be a bonus. amoils - sweet_graphic