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Are You Seriously Sleep Deprived? | Amoils.com

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Although it is true that many parents of babies and young children are sleep deprived, because of disturbed nights, many others will sacrifice their sleep in order to have a 24 hour lifestyle.

A 24 hour lifestyle

These adults get up early to go to the gym or for a jog; they work a long day at their job; and then they they might carry on with other activities in the evening so that they end up with just 6 hours or less sleep every night. Others might find that they are suffering from too little sleep because of artificial light, unhealthy work schedules and night shifts. With so little sleep going on, it is no wonder that there is an increase in air controllers and even pilots falling asleep on the job. Melatonin is produced naturally by our bodies to help us sleep soundly but only during the hours of darkness. So if we interfere with this natural product, we affect our whole sleeping pattern.

Insufficient sleep will take its toll

    • Give your body clock a routine by getting up and going to bed at the same time each day.
    • Give yourself time to unwind before bed especially if it has been a hectic day. The main cause of insomnia is a busy mind working overtime. If you have so much stuff going through your mind, get rid of it by writing it down on paper. Then you don't have to think about it again.
    • Take a hot bath to raise the body's core temperature before bringing it down again. This will aid sleep. 3 drops of H-Insomnia will help too. Once you are dried off, massage a drop under each foot. H-Insomnia is the safe and natural product specially formulated with essential oils from Healing Natural Oils to send you off to sleep.
    • Make sure your bedroom is dark, quiet and not too warm with plenty of ventilation. To block out any noise, you might find swimmer's ear plugs work for you as they mold well into the ears.Cherries are a great source of melatonin so make the perfect bedtime snack of a some cherries along with a glass of milk and a handful of walnuts. When cherries are out of season, drink some pure, natural cherry juice instead.
    • If you find that you wake up in the night and cannot get back to sleep again, apply a further drop of H-Insomnia under each foot. It is important not to use too much formula as one drop is almost always sufficient. This means that the product is very economical to use.
    • Make sure your mattress is not old and decrepit. If it has been some years since you bought a new one, perhaps now is the time to do so. A biometric foam mattress may suit you better than a memory foam mattress because the latter can raise the body's temperature and lead to insomnia.

And when morning comes?

It is important to get up once you have had a good night's sleep – for example 8 hours. If you sleep longer, the hormones that you need to get you up and going will not be used properly and you may well feel sluggish. A refreshing shower is the best way to get you in the right frame of mind for the day ahead.