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Are You Up for This Challenge to Change to Better Ways for the Environment?


Here in the UK, there is a twenty day challenge taking place but, even though it is current as I write, this challenge is relevant whenever it takes place and wherever you are. 

The twenty day challenge encourages us all to make at least one small change towards a collective difference to helping the environment.

It is called a twenty day challenge but it also covers twenty smaller challenges that you can embrace one at a time over those twenty days - or just as many as you can manage in your own time.


Here are those twenty small challenges

1.  Instead of going shopping in the normal way, make your next fashion purchase a second-hand one.  

2.  In the same way, make your next homewares purchase a second-hand one.

3.  Make your next gift purchase for family or friends a second-hand one or it could be something that you make or grow instead.

4.  Need a new book to read?  Look among the second-hand supplies or swap with a friend.

5.  Something you might not have thought of is to check your energy tariff to see how much (if any) is supplied from renewable sources​.

6.  By now this should be a given but use a reusable cup for your takeout coffee​.

7.  Another challenge that has been widely embraced by so many is to remember to bring your own shopping bag or bags.

8.  If you are fond of a take out meal, bring your own cutlery to use instead of picking up the convenient disposable ones supplied.

9.  When running, walking or generally out and about, carry a reusable water bottle with you - one that you have filled with water from home before you left - instead of relying on disposable plastic bottled water.

10. Taking a packed lunch to work?  Pack in reusable containers or use an alternative to plastic wrap or cling wrap.

11. Hang up a reusable and wipe-clean shopping list in your kitchen.  If it is not too bulky, you can take it with you to the store.

12. Here is something different!  Something needs fixing.  Have you thought about learning a new skill?  Find a video tutorial to tell you what to do and you might save yourself money too.

13. When you are in that daily shower and you are tempted to stay under longer than necessary, resist and get out a couple of minutes earlier instead!

14. Be diligent about turning off lights around the house when they are not being used and encourage your family to do the same.

15. In the workplace, find out more from your employer or manager about your company's sustainability or recycling policy.  If you are in a position to do so, you might be able to instigate one on their behalf.

16. We constantly review our wardrobes and a good challenge is to donate an item or items that someone else might love second-hand.

17. When you are out walking, make a concerted effort to pick up any trash (as long as it is not going to cause you any injury).  You will be setting a good example and helping the environment in a very real way.

18. Resolve to improve your recycling habits.

19. Visit your local farmers' market for some fresh local produce.

20. Think about whether you need to drive to do a purchase when you might just as easily walk to the store.


Where you can buy items second-hand?

  • Charity shops are easy to find, helping you and helping various charities they support too. 
  • Another source of second hand purchases is through vintage, antique and junk stores. 
  • Look out for garage sales and jumble sales in your local area. 
  • E-bay and other online auction sites as well as regular auction sales are another possibility.
  • Craigslist (you can find one covering your own area) is an American classified advertisements website with sections devoted to jobs, housing, for sale, items wanted, services, community service, gigs, résumés, and discussion forums.


Are you up for a challenge and how many of the twenty ways over twenty days will you manage?