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Avoid These Eating Habits That Can Lead To Bloating & Indigestion

 width= That bloated feeling has become a common problem especially among women. You might consider that you are eating healthily - and not too much - and yet, the bloating can still occur. Often the discomfort can be accompanied by lower back pain. An extreme form of bloating is known as irritable bowel syndrome or IBS. The answer could be all about digestion and these three reasons could help you.

Number 1 could be drinking lots of water with your meal

We know it is very important to have plenty of water every day but instead of drinking lots of water with your meal, change to having just small sips to avoid indigestion and that unwelcome bloating. Rather drink your water quota in between meals. The reasoning behind this advice is that, when food enters your stomach, a substance called hydrochloric acid or HCL is secreted from the stomach lining to help begin the process of digestion. Because HCL is super acidic to break down your food into much smaller nutrients, it can be diluted by drinking lots of water and be unable to finish its work.

Number 2 is having ice cold water with your meal

Yes another water cause. There are several reasons why ice cold water is not a good idea. (a) It constricts blood vessels, hindering the body's ability to both digest food and absorb the nutrients it contains. (b) Ice cold water will also solidify any fats that are being eaten, making them more difficult to digest. (c) When you drink ice cold water, your body’s energy tends to be diverted from trying to digest food to attempting to regulate your body’s temperature. If you are eating at a restaurant, consider ordering some hot water with lemon and sip it slowly for good digestion. Should you have water, be sure to say "no ice, please" and "room temperature".

Number 3 is eating high levels of starch and protein together

Eating large amounts of starch and protein together can cause indigestion and acid reflux. Avoid this possible problem and cause of bloating by eating starch first - and then protein. Vegetables will not make a difference as you can eat them with any other food! Starches digest more quickly than proteins.