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Baby Acne

BabyFor many there is nothing more precious then a new born baby, and when we suspect that there may be something afflicting our babies we want to address and diagnose this issue promptly and effectively. Because babies are delicate and prone to both external and internal conditions it is always best to speak to your Pediatrician about any concerns you may be facing. For new borne babies even a seemingly small issue can end up being a serious threat and nothing should be left to chance. That being said there are a few common issues or conditions that are very normal and very benign.

What does baby acne look like?

Baby acne, or neonatal acne, is one of these typical and nonthreatening conditions for which time is the best treatment. Babies can be born with this harmless acne condition but often these pimples will manifest in the first few weeks after birth. The skin condition known as baby acne may appears on the surface of the skin as whitish or reddish bumps on face, cheeks, forehead, and sometimes back and may be also cause a reddening to the surrounding skin areas. According to some scientific studies neonatal acne is caused by maternal hormones which the baby may have been exposed to during their last weeks of development in the womb. In addition there are certain medications that if taken during the nursing periods, can lead to baby acne. In the first few weeks after birth a baby's skin is often very sensitive; this sensitivity leaves the baby vulnerable to outside factors. Some of the additional factors which may lead to the appearance of baby acne are, exposure to heat, irritation due to excessive saliva, spit-up milk or formula, rough cloth, oily skincare product which may block the baby's pores, or fabrics which may have been washed with a strong detergent. There are some other skin conditions which may appear and resemble baby acne but may in fact symptoms of other conditions. Some of these skin conditions are as harmless as baby acne, and others may be symptoms of more serious conditions and should be promptly examined by your Pediatrician. These symptoms include but are not limited to, white bumps known as millia (also harmless and best treated with time), skin conditions which appear as a large rash or have a scaly appearance may be caused by cradle cap, eczema, or a fungal infection.

Is Baby Acne long lasting?

Baby acne is not typically a long lasting condition and usually will clear-up or dissipate within a few weeks, but sometimes the condition may last for a few months. If this condition last longer than three months you should speak to a medical professional. A pediatrician may prescribe a mild cream or topical for prolonged or sever conditions.

It is not recommended that you try to self-treat this condition

  • Over the counter acne medications are often too strong for babies and should never be used.
  • Do not scrub your baby's skin, this may irritate the skin and lead to a worsening of the acne appearance.
  • Stay away from lotions which are very oily, this oil will trap dirt under the skin and cause more baby acne symptoms.
  • You can gently wash the face and affected areas with a mild soap and water mixture, but time is always the best medicine.