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Bars are no longer banished!

 width=It was not so long ago that bars of soap were looked down upon with disdain - and quickly replaced with plastic bottles containing liquid soap. In fact, just about everything you could imagine came in liquid format in a plastic bottle whether it was face wash, body wash, moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner, dish washer, laundry detergent and more. But now, the very good news is that all of these are now available in bars!

What are the best things about using bars in place of plastic bottles?

  • Their carbon footprint is so much lower.
  • They are better value for money.
  • They last a lot longer (up to three times as long) and…
  • They come with a lot less packaging.

Time to ditch the plastic bottles from bathrooms and kitchens


Using a bar of natural soap to wash your hands (and of course the rest of your body) has been found to be the safest way to clean your skin. A study (many years ago) found that, even when participants’ hands were contaminated with bacteria such as staphylococcus and E.coli, while some bacteria remained on the bars of soap after use, it was found to be harmless and did not transfer on to the next person using the soap. This was in direct contrast to another study carried out at the University of Arizona in 2011 when researchers found that liquid soap dispensers could be breeding grounds for bacteria, remaining on the hands after washing.

Shower time

Most of us love our time in the shower but might not realize we can make a difference for the environment by what we use during shower time. In addition to regular bar soap, we can change to body wash, face wash, shampoo and conditioner all now made and sold in in bars form - with more and more coming onto the market to choose (from the most sensitive to the highly exotic). If we all started using solid bar shampoo and conditioner, we would be saving 80 billion plastic bottles from being thrown away around the world every year!


These can come in solid bars too. There are usually two types of regular moisturiser: creams/lotions and balms. But of course they come in plastic bottles. Meanwhile, the moisturizer bars are concentrated, providing the equivalent of two bottles of lotion. Another advantage is when you have to fly. No need to worry about the liquids rule, because you can travel with your bar without a second thought. And of course they are totally plastic free. But we do have another suggestion for you that is plastic free. Our own Simply Face Oil is a non-greasy, natural face moisturizer that comes in a glass bottle - so no plastic in sight. Made from a blend of pure natural essential oils and cold pressed or expeller pressed precious oils, the ingredients help to promote clear and glowing skin while providing all the nutrients your skin requires to be healthy.  width=


I have found a Vegan Dish Washing Block which is reputed to be a cleaning powerhouse with a rich, sudsy lather to cut through stubborn grime and grease on dishes, pots and pans. It comes with added aloe Vera to be gentle on your hands. Plus it is advertised as completely unscented and fragrance-free - and it it is manufactured without using palm oil as an ingredient. Each block can replace up to 3 plastic bottles of typical liquid dish soap.

Laundry detergent

There are plenty of different laundry detergent bars to choose from especially if you want something for hand washing. For example, the Wash & Stain Bar was designed to clean those hard-to-reach stains, from “ring around the collar” to tricky underarms, delicate straps and more. It is ideal for spot treating clothing and upholstery, hand laundering and washing on-the-go. And it is the perfect air travel friendly product to take with you on your trip.

Wrapping it up!

And that is rather the point, all these different bars come with minimal packaging and when they are wrapped, there is no plastic to be seen. Perhaps you too will find it a worthwhile exercise to start a new lifestyle in your household, one where bars are no longer banished!