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Battling the Blackheads!

 width= Blackheads are extremely common and they affect all skin types. They are a type of acne known as a comedo, basically a clogged hair folicle in the skin. When oil, dead skin cells or bacteria block our pores, a small comedone can be the result. And if that blocked pore stays open, oxygen in the air then oxidizes the oils, turning them dark brown or black - yes, blackheads. The process is similar to that when a peeled apple can turn brown when exposed to air.

Blackheads can form wherever there is a hair follicle or pore

They are most common on the face - the sides of the nose - and even on the ears, shoulders and back.

There are reasons why blackheads form:
  • A fluctuation in the body's hormone such as during puberty or menstruation. More hormones can mean a more oily skin. Any excess of oil gets caught up and mixed with a build-up of dead skin cells.
  • Smoking when cigarette smoke contains toxic particles like nicotine that can have a direct and negative effect on the skin, leading to blackheads.
  • Many regular make up and skin products are made with artificial colors, fragrances and mineral oil. These can lead to clogged pores and of course more blackheads.
  • Diet is another culprit with fried, sugary and those high carb foods, as well as too much alcohol or caffeine, causing problems and lead to a flareup of blackheads.

How to get rid of blackheads

Keeping the skin clean, using a natural cleanser (Simply Cleansing Oil) morning and evening - and again, after workouts. Always carefully remove all makeup before bedtime - without fail! When we sleep, our skin goes into a recovery and regeneration mode. Exfoliation is also important, helping to get rid of dead skin cells. Baking soda is a reasonable priced and effective exfoliate. Combine one teaspoon of baking soda with half a cup of water and gently rub it on the face in a circular motion before rinsing and patting dry. A weekly bentonite clay face mask can clean out the pores, removing blackheads and leaving the skin clear and smooth. Steaming is another natural way to loosen and remove blackheads. Clean the face before filling a large bowl with boiling water. Let it cool a fraction before covering your head with a towel and leaning over the bowl of water for five to ten minutes. Follow up with washing your face with cleanser and warm water and gently patting the skin dry. Steaming can be repeated once a week. Mechanical skin brushes can be a very effective daily method for reducing blackheads, acting as powerful, deep-cleansing exfoliators. Ensure that the brushes are kept very clean, replacing the heads often. Always avoid touching the face to prevent the transfer of bacteria and dirt to the pores. It should almost go without saying that you should never pick or pop blackheads as you will cause harm, spreading them more and even further damaging the skin. Your skin still needs to be moisturized daily and our own Simply Face Oil provides the perfect formula - the non-greasy and all natural face moisturizer. Improve the quality of your skin by improving your diet. Include these foods: probiotic-rich foods; high-zinc foods, vitamin A foods, vitamin C foods; foods high in fiber; and proteins such as organic chicken, grass-fed beef, free-range eggs and wild-caught fish. You can use a few drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil which can be applied undiluted directly onto blackheads as an overnight treatment to kill bacteria and help dissolve blackheads. Finally, treat your blackheads and other acne outbreaks with H-Acne Formula which is perfectly gentle and safe to use for all types of acne wherever it occurs. It takes a bit of time and effort, but a smooth and flawless skin minus those blackheads will make it all worthwhile.  width=