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Find Out More About Bioresonance Testing As An Alternative Diagnostic Tool

 width= Bioresonance testing on a Bio-Resonance machine is becoming an increasingly popular alternative health diagnostic tool. When someone is tested via this method, the operator uses it to tune into the magnetic field around the body to check for imbalances on a physical, emotional and psychic level. The most important assessment from this testing is the person's “vitality reading” which is the body's ability to heal itself. This is checked on a scale of 35. A healthy person will come in at about 25 indicating that they are well with sufficient energy to adapt to healthy stress. Those with a likely health problem or allergy will be usually measure between 12 and 15 or even lower.

More about how this system works

Using bioresonance testing, the operator assesses which organs are under stress and tests through a wide range of remedies and nutritional supplements before recommending how to restore balance to reduce stress, anxiety and improve natural sleep patterns. The device is linked to a computer which is capable of measuring the skin's resistance, voltage potential and amperage among other measurements. The machine tests for over 3600 substances including foods, additives, toxins, vitamins, minerals and much more.

The machine can also be used to test for arthritis

According to the Living Systems Revolution: “There are many types of Bioresonance Testing, but they all share the common characteristic of being based on utilizing the energetic and informational qualities of human physiology for the extraction of important clinical and/or diagnostic information. The great advantages of this approach include:
  • Non-invasive, therefore no side effects.
  • Ability to pinpoint exact information concerning the state of internal organs and pernicious factors lodged in them, including many organs and tissues normally inaccessible to diagnostic investigation except under conditions of autopsy (i.e. post-mortem examination).
  • Ability - in the case of the most evolved form of Bioresonance Testing, as utilized in Field Control Therapy (FCT) - to prioritize this information effectively from the perspective of Systems Science, incorporated into a sophisticated bioresonance test “algorithm” which is a series of test steps performed routinely in FCT practice.

How to counteract the skeptics

Of course there will always be skeptics who completely dismiss any alternative methods of health care but, because everything about this process is completely natural and health-giving, there is really nothing to lose. While allergy testing is a big part of this procedure, it is important to address any toxicity or parasite infestation first because they affect the function of the liver, often causing allergic type reactions. The machine tests for parasites in the digestive tract which can then be treated with remedies, diet and/or lifestyle changes along with nutritional supplements. If liver function can be fully restored, overall health and harmony improves and allergy testing may not even be necessary.

The test is ideal for these problem areas

  • Those with digestive problems such as irritable bowl syndrome (IBS), bloating, recurrent diarrhea or constipation.
  • Skin complaints like eczema, rashes and dryness.
  • Mucus problems such as sinus congestion.
  • Ear problems.
  • Children with digestive problems, hyperactivity, asthma, eczema, concentration difficulties.
  • Unexplained tiredness, feeling that something "is not quite right".
  • Thyroid problems.
  • Those who want some help from complementary medicine but do not want to commit to a long series of treatments.

I do have a personal anecdote to tell

My granddaughter had been suffering from a runny nose and a red rash on her chin and one cheek for about a year. The medical doctors she saw were unable to pinpoint its cause and suggested that she would grow out of it in time. Recently, she underwent the Bioresonance Testing and the outcome was that she was allergic to dairy products. In the past two weeks, her mother has eliminated all dairy from her diet. She is having organic coconut oil instead of butter, organic rice milk enriched with calcium instead of dairy milk and raw organic chocolate spread as an occasional treat. And the result...almost immediately (within a day or two)...no more runny nose and no more rash.

Popular in Germany

German doctors in particular have embraced this new science of biophysics. At the International Congress for BICOM (the trade name for a bioresonance device) Therapists in Germany in 2006, it was reported as follows: “The BICOM bioresonance method continues to gain acceptance by German medical practitioners. The introductory lecture by Hans Bruegemann summarised a survey carried out in October 2005 among German-speaking BICOM users. The survey covered 241,664 patients who had exhausted all forms of treatment using conventional medicine in 396 practices. Of these, 46.7% no longer showed any symptoms, 34 % experienced a significant improvement,13.1% registered a slight improvement and only 6.25% showed no sign of improvement. To estimate the worldwide picture, even assuming that only 60% of therapists use the same protocols as those in the survey, then over 1,000,000 patients whom conventional medicine could not help can be expected to have made a complete recovery and a further 780,000 to have experienced significant improvements.You might well find it helpful to investigate this method yourself further.