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How to Care for Your Beard

Handsome young man in bedGrowing a mustache in the month of November (as part of a cancer awareness program for guys) has been popular for the past couple of years, but now more and more American men are growing facial hair (beards and mustaches) all the year round - as a fashion and style statement. Big corporations are even hiring models with beards for their advertising campaigns.

Do you want to grow a beard?

Just like any other fashion statement, growing a beard can require some effort and commitment. The good news is that once that decision is taken, it is easy enough to reverse if it does not work out. Did you know that whether or not you can grow a beard can depend largely on genetics? If you are genetically predisposed, then perhaps you owe it to yourself to grow at least one in your lifetime!

Want to go ahead? Then stop shaving and start growing

Here are some points to consider:
  • A good time to start is when you are on vacation.
  • Don't be over sensitive about other people's potential reactions to your new beard. If you have a good beard, most people will probably react favorably.
  • When starting to let your beard grow, just stop shaving – completely - for at least the first 4 weeks before making any attempt to shape or sculpt. During this crucial growing period and beyond, keep the skin beneath free of dead cells and any grime with a decent face scrub. This is a good way to prevent ingrown hairs forming while the beard develops.
  • After four weeks, you can start shaping the beard. First, define a "neck line" along the bottom of your beard around the neck. This is probably best done by a professional barber or stylist. Try to find one who has a lot of experience in beard styling. Once in a while, go back to your barber for a “spruce up” as they can often see bits you can't and give it a nice symmetrical shaping.
  • Second is the "cheek line", the upper limit of the beard on the cheeks. This is best left natural. Unless your beard appears to commence just below your eyes, you will probably find you are better off not shaving or sculpting the beard on your cheeks.
  • If you find the whole "beard growing thing" a bit tough, give yourself a minimum of six weeks' growth before making a decision to give up.
  • Invest in a beard trimmer and learn how to use it. Not difficult and it will help give even, uniform results. Choose a beard trimmer with a pop-up trimming attachment so you can keep the whiskers away from the edge of your top lip. The edges can be tidied up with a regular razor or a special beard razor.
  • If you experience any itching, keep your skin and your beard clean by daily care with a gentle shampoo. Add a little conditioner if necessary.
  • Pat your beard gently dry with a towel.
  • Finally treat with H-Beard Oil. Twice a day, place several drops in the palm of your hand and massage gently into your beard before running your fingers through the hair to coat it evenly. This allows the oil to be absorbed quickly, delivering deep hydration and moisturizing your facial hair while leaving the hair soft and nourished without feeling oily or greasy. Facial hair can cause skin dryness so it is essential to add a safe skin treatment to counteract this.
Throughout history, facial hair has been associated with masculinity, sexual and vitality so it is hardly surprising that growing a beard is now top of the popularity stakes. beard1