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Can You Get Rid of All Warts?

H-Warts Formula


There are Many Types of Warts

1.  Flat warts on the face mostly appear on the cheeks or forehead. They are often seen on the backs of the hands and on the legs with the appearance of smooth, flat-topped, yellow-brown papules. They are pink, brown or yellowish in color.  They are also known as juvenile warts as children get them more than adults.  These warts do not usually cause any pain or discomfort.

2.  Filiform warts are different from other types of warts. They look like spiky blisters, occurring on the nose or lips.  They can be flesh-toned, pink or even darker in color.

3.  Common warts (Verruca vulgaris) are most often seen on the hands and are  skin-colored papules with a rough surface.

4.  Intermediate warts are a combination of common and flat warts.

5.  Subungual and periungual warts appear under and around the fingernails or toenails.

6.   Plantar warts (verruca plantaris) occur on the soles of the feet and look like very thick callouses.

7.  Mosaic warts are a plaque of closely grouped plantar warts. 

The Natural Solution

H-Warts Formula has been the natural solution to warts since 2001.

H-Warts Formula

Warts on The Face

Even though facial warts are not that harmful, they may cause discomfort and pain.  The good news is that they can be treated and there are several different options available.  

  • These warts have long and narrow projections, extending some 1 to 2 mm from your facial skin and with the appearance of a solid blister which may be rough to touch.
  • They appear as pink, yellow, brown or skin-toned, forming on your lips, eyelids and sometimes on your cheeks.
  • Many people experience itching, soreness and irritation.
  • Sometimes, black dots are visible on the warts which are blood vessels and which can lead to bleeding.

How To Get Rid of Warts

There are some medical procedures...

1. Cryotherapy where liquid nitrogen is injected into the wart to freeze it. It is not a one-time procedure, and will possibly take two to three attempts to complete the treatment.

2. Surgical removal is a mainstream treatment that is often suggested for filiform warts where the wart is removed using a scalpel.

3. Electrosurgery & curettage is a procedure using electricity to heat the tissue and to scrape off the wart from your skin. 

4. Cantharidin is a professional treatment to remove facial warts, using a chemical that forms a blister covering the warts.  Cantharidin or a similar chemical mixture is applied to the wart - and once the blister is formed, it can be removed by the medical practitioner. 

5. Immunotherapy is where a series of injections are put into the wart to stimulate the immune system to respond. Topical medication may be given as well.

H-Warts Formula - Natural, Painless, No Scarring

H-Warts Formula contains no added chemicals and is especially safe and effective for all types of warts.  Warts on the face require extra care which the Formula will  provide being all natural and of course minus any harmful additives, made  up of the highest quality essential oil and homeopathic ingredients. The Formula is both gentle on the skin and safe for adults and children over the age of four.

H-Warts Formula


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