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Can you get rid of stretch marks? Tips for dealing with stretch marks

how to remove stretch marks


Stretch marks, also known as Striae or Striae distensae, are a form of scarring on the skin with an off-color hue.

While over time they may diminish, they are unlikely to disappear completely. Stretch marks are caused by tearing of the dermis during periods of rapid growth of the body, such as during puberty or pregnancy.

What are the beauty tips you can follow to prevent stretch mark in the first place?

  • Avoid putting on unwanted weight.  Stretch marks can appear when your skin pulls apart quickly due to rapid weight gain.   Stretch marks can even happen after rapid weight loss.  Stretch marks can also appear during growth spurts, such as during puberty or from working out.
  • Drink plenty of water (at least several glasses daily) to help keep your skin hydrated and soft. Soft skin does not tend to develop stretch marks as much as dry skin does.   Be aware that drinking caffeinated beverages such as coffee may actually increase your risk of developing stretch marks.
  • Eat a nutrient-rich dietthat boost skin health.  Such a diet would include those foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, zinc and protein.  
  • Collagen plays a role in keeping your skin strong and elastic, helping reduce the appearance of wrinkles but also preventing stretch marks.  Vitamin C is an important nutrient for the development of collagen. Vitamin C can be found in many fruits and vegetables. Citrus fruits, such as oranges and lemons, are especially good sources of vitamin C.  You can also supplement with extra doses of vitamin C.
  • Ensuring high levels of vitamin D with its many benefits for our health and wellbeing.  Some research has pointed to a correlation between low levels of vitamin D and the incidence of stretch marks.  Regular exposure to as much skin as possible to sunlight for up to twenty minutes or until the skin starts to turn pink is the easiest way to get vitamin D.  Another is through supplements.  The darker your skin, the more exposure to the sun you need.
  • Zinc is an important nutrient for skin health, helping to reduce inflammation while playing a role in the wound healing process.  It makes very good sense to include zinc-rich foods in your diet (examples include nuts and fish) to help your skin stay healthy.
  • H-Stretch Marks Formula (with natural essential oils) when massaged will be absorbed into the skin, soothing rapidly expanding tissues while promoting skin elasticity and suppleness - and helping to prevent the appearance of stretch marks.  It is gentle and is topically applied three times per day. The product may be used by children of all ages and is specially formulated for use during pregnancy and nursing.

What are the beauty tips you can follow to reduce their appearance?

  • >When treating stretch marks, it is always advisable to avoid those which are chemical-laden as these can potentially lead to other side effects.  Other options such as laser therapy can be expensive and even ineffective.  Instead look for remedies that are more natural.
  • Aloe Vera is a plant that helps regenerate skin tissue with its healing properties.  Take the fresh gel from an aloe Vera leaf and massage onto the area with stretch marks daily, leaving for 20 to 30 minutes before washing off with lukewarm water.  We do not all have access to the plant itself, but the gel is available from many health stores. 
  • You can use almond and coconut oil in equal quantities to reduce stretch marks by massaging into the skin regularly.
  • Applying virgin coconut oil on its own to your stretch marks each day can help to take away some of their red appearance.
  • Another suggestion is an apricot mask.  Take 2 to 3 apricots, cut them and take out the seeds before crushing the fruit into a paste and applying this mask to the stretch mark affected areas and leaving it on for 15 minutes. Using warm water, wash it off and then repeat the process every day for a month to see results. 
  • Try this nourishing skin mask.  You will need: 2 egg yolks (beaten), juice of one lemon, 2 tsp oatmeal, 2 tsp almond paste and enough milk to mix to a smooth paste.

Method: Mix all the ingredients well and apply to the stretch marks before letting the mask dry completely. Wash off with cold water while scrubbing gently. This should be done on alternate days until you notice an improvement in the appearance of your skin.

  • H-Stretch Marks Formula is extremely gentle and soothing on the skin.  It works by quickly sealing in moisture before beginning to improve the texture and the tone of the skin, reducing the appearance of stretch marks on the arms, breasts, stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs.


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