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Care For Your Body Naturally With Lavender Oil Body Scrub

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The winter months can be especially harsh on our skin with dry cold winds and heating in the home so what better time than now for some self pampering. One way is with this homemade lavender body scrub courtesy of Healthy Living.

Here is the recipe for lavender oil body scrub

You will need
  • 1 cup of organic sugar
  • 1/2 cup of Epsom salt
  • 2/3 cup of coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon of raw honey
  • 40 drops H-Lavender Oil
What you need to do in 3 easy steps 1. Put all the ingredients into a large mixing bowl. 2. Use a fork to mash together until well mixed. 3. Store in sealed container. You will find that the container will last you a long time because you need such a little of the scrub to make a difference! When ready to use, take a small amount of the body scrub and apply to damp skin, rubbing gently in circular motions to get rid of any dead skin while moisturizing at the same time. When completed, rinse your skin in warm water and feel good! lavender1  

But don't let it end there...

The top layer of our skin constantly sheds dead cells and replaces them with new. Unfortunately, and as we grow older, the layer of collagen and elastic tissue underneath the skin depletes and is not renewed. So as our skin gets thinner, drier and less elastic, it is not so capable of protecting itself from damage. It becomes a vicious cycle with the skin being less able to repair itself quickly and dryness increases.

You can help prevent damage to the skin

  • First, avoid smoking, cut down on alcohol and those sugars and grains while increasing your antioxidant intake with a diet rich in fresh vegetables and fruit, and drinking lots of pure, filtered water.
  • Regular, moderate exercise brings oxygen to the cells, ease stress and improve circulation.
  • Detoxing reduces the impact of a polluted environment.
  • Taking supplements can improve the skin from inside the body such Beta-carotene (which as been found to minimize any damage from the sun’s UVA rays)and Astaxanthin to help and improve skin moisture levels, smoothness, elasticity, fine wrinkles as well as spots or freckles, while at the same time acting as a natural sunscreen and even preventing sunburn.
  • Eating fish like tuna and salmon that are loaded with omega-3 fatty acid. Skin cells are surrounded by a fatty membrane that protects them. When the cells are healthy, they are able to support the structure of the skin.
  • All the colors of the rainbow veggies – red to improve sun protection as tomatoes, peppers and beets contain the antioxidant lycopene which also increases collagen levels; dark green like spinach and kale which are rich in vitamin C with antioxidiant properties to stabilize the messenger enzymes that break collagen down; and orange such as carrots and sweet potatoes that are rich in vitamin A to restore and regenerate damaged collagen.
  • Colors play their part in healing fruit too with blackberries and raspberries scavenging free radicals (while simultaneously increasing collagen levels) and oranges, limes, lemons and grapefruits (rich in vitamin C) helping amino acids—lysine and proline—convert to collagen.
  • We must not forget mulberry fruit or juice with their many benefits for your skin including anti-aging, clearing dark spots and blemishes, and general rejuvenation through the process of melanin synthesis.
  • You can make your own vitamin C serum as an extra special and natural anti-aging product for your skin. We tell you how here.
Natural products such as essential oils can help keep the skin supple and moisturized, offering a gentle option to help to smooth texture and promote a healthy glow – without the harsh side effects of chemicals and synthetics. Our own H-Glow is a pure, natural product. glow1