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Changing Your Diet Could Help With Anxiety & Stress

 width= Those who experience symptoms of anxiety, including feeling nervous, restless or fearful, could find that a change in diet could help resolve those symptoms. The change in diet would include regulating the micro organisms in their gut - in other words, improving your gut health. Research has found that gut microbiota - those millions of micro-organisms in the gut that perform such valuable functions in the immune system and metabolism - can also help to regulate brain function.

What was the research carried out?

A total of 21 studies were reviewed with half of these showing a positive effect on anxiety symptoms by regulating intestinal microbiota. And this can be achieved by including fermented food in your diet. One example is yogurt. The best yogurts - Greek, plain versions in particular - that contain “live and active cultures” are guaranteed to have 100 million probiotic cultures per gram or about 25 billion probiotic cultures in a cup. Other probiotic foods you can try and include are pickles, sauerkraut, kombucha and miso.

But there are other anxiety-relieving foods too!

1. Asparagus. Studies going back as far as the 1960s indicate that many people who suffer from anxiety and depression have an elevated incident of folate deficiency.Asparagus is one vegetable that contains a valuable amount of this mood-boosting nutrient. One cup alone provides two-thirds of your daily recommended folate value.

2. Avocado. Vitamin B6 helps the body make several neurotransmitters, including serotonin, influencing mood while the B vitamins (for example thiamine, riboflavin and niacin) have positive effects on the nervous system with being deficient in these vitamins have been linked to increased anxiety in some. Avocados are rich in stress-relieving B vitamins and heart-healthy fat that may help to lessen anxiety.

3. Blueberries. When you are suffering from anxiety and stress, your body will be crying out for vitamin C to help repair and protect cells. Blueberries are full of antioxidants and vitamin C. Of course, there are plenty of other vitamin C-rich foods you can include too.

4. Turkey. This food comes with the nutrient tryptophan, an amino acid necessary to the body for the production of serotonin to regulate sleep and mood while helping to reduce anxiety.

5. Almonds. These are rich in magnesium which has been shown to be an effective treatment of anxiety-related symptoms. As well as in almonds, magnesium is also found in legumes, seeds and avocado.

6. Kale (or Arugula). These dark leafy greens are rich in beta-carotene and vitamin E, necessary to boost antioxidant levels and support optimal brain functioning.

7. Salmon. Omega-3 fatty acids are particularly effective when it comes to foods that help with anxiety. As well as salmon, they are found in chia seeds, soybeans, walnuts and cold-pressed olive oil.

Try adding all or some of these foods to your diet and watch the anxiety and stress symptoms diminish or even disappear.  width= almonds