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Your Children's Teeth Can Be Healthy Too!




When our children's first teeth appear, they are usually 100% perfect - like little pearls. But how to make sure those teeth stay healthy as our children are growing up? We want them to have just two sets in their lifetime - and not a third set in the form of dentures.

The early days

First teeth usually start appearing (in pairs) between 6 to 10 months but don't be concerned if they are earlier or later. And it is important to know that as soon as they do, it is possible for cavities to develop.

Get into an early habit of cleaning, using a soft-sided natural fiber tooth brush (with a very small head) and a little bit of water. No toothpaste is needed as you gently brush all sides of any teeth as well as massaging the gums around the teeth with the brush or a damp cloth.

At the same time, your baby will get used to the routine of having his or her teeth and gums cleaned - as well as the mouth checked. A useful habit for future visits to the dentist.

Once the baby is older, don't go on to commercial toothpaste BUT instead use a little natural sea salt or some coconut oil. From time to time, add in a little baking soda to the coconut oil.


How to prevent cavities, naturally

  • Avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates as much as possible as they greatly contribute to tooth decay.
  • Encourage your child to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. For example, apples, carrots and cucumbers.
  • Try to avoid too many in-between-meals snacking. This is because each time food is consumed, the acid levels in the mouth are increased and this can lead to tooth decay.
  • Young teeth need minerals to be strong and decay-free. Consider using a cell salt supplement.
  • The vitamins found in cod liver oil (A and D) can help to prevent dental decay.
  • An imbalance of oral bacteria can also lead to tooth decay so also consider giving oral probiotics.
  • Think about helping your child to start "oil pulling" with that same healthy coconut oil. You can make a game of it with them - swishing around the oil in the mouth and then giving a good spit! You can gradually lengthen the swishing time.

Remember, it’s never too late to establish good oral hygiene habits for your children - whatever their age.




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