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Top 10 Tips For a Flawless Winter Skin Care Regime

In winters, especially if the climate is cold and dry, the humidity level remains low. This can affect your skin, making it dry too and in need of moisturizing.
Our skin is the barrier that keeps water inside our bodies. When it is dry and cold, that water is able to evaporate off the surface faster and easier. Moisturizing is the first step to keeping skin hydrated throughout winter. Try to invest in the best skin products - with quality more vital than quantity.

1. Drink Water

It is easy to find you are drinking less during the winter leading to some level of dehydration and then dry skin. Remember to keep up with those several glasses of water every day just as you would during the hotter months of the year.

2. Be Cautious with Hot Showers or Baths 

It can be tempting to get home on a cold day and jump into a hot shower or hot tub but if you do, it is wise to immediately moisturize the skin as otherwise small cracks can appear in the surface of the skin. These cracks can expose the skin nerves to air, creating what’s known as ‘winter’s itch’. The symptoms of dry, itchy and irritated skin can feel like eczema. Simply Body Oil is the perfect remedy for such moisturizing action. And remember that same body oil creates a barrier before having a warm bath to prevent skin from drying out.

Body Oil

3. Cleanse Your Skin at Night

Cleanse gently as harsh cleansers can strip away natural oils, leaving your skin exposed. Micellar water (which does contain water but is also full tiny suspended oil particles known as micelles) is good for wiping away impurities while hydrating your skin at the same time. It does not penetrate the skin enough to give a deep cleanse so you will need Simply Cleansing Oil which is a natural facial cleanser for all skin types, rich in pure oils to clean and refresh. Look for a natural eye make-up remover to remove the more stubborn mascara and other eye products. When washing your face with water, use lukewarm as this will prevent stripping any oil away.

Cleansing oil image

4. Toning

Toning can be a useful process in skincare, removing any residues left behind by the cleanser if you have been less than diligent while helping the skin to absorb moisturizer more effectively.

5. Nourish Your Skin

When you moisturize and nourish your skin at night, it has many hours to do its work while you rest and recuperate. While you sleep, your skin remains at rest and is not usually exposed to unwanted pollutants. We have several products in our range for this purpose including Simply Vitamin Skin Oil, Simply Night Face Oil and H-Glow Formula.

6. Give Your Eyes a Treat with This Serum

Simply Eye Serum will enhance the skin around your eyes naturally with its pure oils. An added bonus is that those same pure oils will moisturize and rejuvenate any dark circles or unwanted bags under the eyes.

Eye Serum

7. Don’t Forget the Neck Area too

The unique formula of Simply Neck Oil will help to tone and tighten the skin as well as increase the appearance of the skin’s overall elasticity. In wintertime, it will especially nourish and hydrate the skin to minimize lines, wrinkles and that all-important unwanted turkey neck. What could be more desirable than a smooth soft neckline and décolletage. The skin on the neck, cleavage and shoulder areas is often the first place that women show their age. Treat this area with as much care as the face so that come summertime again, you can bare those shoulders with confidence!

Neck Oil
8. Exfoliate Regularly

The chilly weather can dry up your skin cells, making it advisable to remove the dead skin cells. Look for a natural and gentle scrub (which is suitable for your skin type) to exfoliate the outermost layer of skin. Until the age of thirty, the human skin exfoliates but, after that, the exfoliation begins to slow down, and your skin could do with a bit of help!

9. Apply a Face Pack or Face Mask

Apply a face pack or face mask that suits your skin, helping to get rid of excess oils and improving overall appearance. Look for a natural face pack to unclog the skin’s pores and cleanse the skin deeply. 

10. Moisturize Daily

Before you go out and face the winter cold, make sure you have moisturized with our Simply Face Oil which is a one of a kind all-purpose moisturizing oil, leaving no sticky residue. Your skin will drink in the formula as it promotes clear, glowing skin and containing natural ingredients to help tighten and tone the skin. Simply Face Oil is rich in high concentrations of vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, essential fatty acids and squalene. Plant extracts contain all the nutrients our skin requires to be healthy - no need for long names you can't pronounce or chemicals and preservatives!