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Eczema & How This Condition Can Flare Up In The Colder Weather

 width= ECZEMA can be extremely irritating, itchy and painful for people who suffer with this skin condition. And cooler weather is no help to eczema sufferers. This skin condition causes the affected area to become itchy, red, dry and cracked. While in some cases, this condition can improve or even clear up completely over time, some will suffer from flare-ups indefinitely.

Why can eczema flare up in colder weather?

This is usually because of: (a) the much harsher weather conditions when outdoors and (b) the effects from central heating when indoors. The skin can become inflamed and dehydrated - leading to all those unwanted eczema symptoms.

How can you avoid these cold weather flare-ups?

  • Stay hydrated on the inside too by drinking lots of water.
  • Avoid those triggers that can set off a flare-up. Apart from the drying effects of central heating during colder months, a trigger could be due to a change in diet or using specific soaps or detergents.
  • Learn to relax as stress and chaos can be a big contributor. Feeling stressed could even cause unwanted habits such as scratching the eczema. If the latter is a problem, keep the nails short and wear gloves when necessary.
  • Even the clothes you wear can make eczema symptoms worse. Avoid any tight or restrictive clothing which causes friction to the skin. Instead wear loose, natural clothing made of organic cotton.
  • Treat and even prevent your eczema skin flare-ups with our own H-Eczema Formula for a safe, gentle and natural solution.