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Enriching and Enhancing Those Eyelashes

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Not everyone is blessed with long thick eyelashes so many will need to add a little help to enrich and enhance the eyelashes that they have.

Before Enhancing, Here is a Suggestion for Enriching:

Our Sweet Almond Oil is excellent for nourishing lashes and can be used, taking care not to let it drip into the eyes. Sweet Almond Oil is a rich source of Vitamin E, magnesium and calcium and will condition the eyelashes. An additional bonus is that Sweet Almond Oil will even promote growth in the eyelashes!

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Steps for Enhancing Your Eyelashes

Step 1 - There is eyelash curling gadget that has been around for decades. If you can carefully curl your eyelashes, this will give the instant length and ease the application of mascara. Get as close as you can to the lash line without pinching, squeezing the curler a few times SLOWLY to achieve maximum results.

Step 2 - Always avoid pumping the mascara wands repeatedly in and out of the tube, as this can cause air to become trapped inside and your mascara will dry out more quickly.

Step 3 - Avoid too many layers of mascara. Forget about brushing mascara on time and time again. Instead have two types of mascara - one for lengthening and one for thickening, used in that order. And just use each only once on each set of eyelashes.

Step 4 - Mascara can often end up on our eyelids, even smudging. Here is a rescue tip. Remove the excess mascara from eyelids, or even below the eyes, with a dry q-tip. Rub the q-tip over the mascara to remove the smudge. The q-tip will also work well when you get mascara on your eyelids close to your lash line. Another suggestion is to invest in an I-Lash Mascara Guide which is a simple tool that you just slide under the eyelashes (top or bottom) to protect the skin beneath as you apply mascara.

Step 5 - Remember to remove your eye makeup and mascara every night before bed without fail, helping to make sure nothing gets irritated. Since our eyes are extremely sensitive, it's vital to the health of our skin and eyes that makeup is always removed before bed. This keeps any bacteria away.
Follow these steps for a trouble-free way to enhance those eyelashes, helping them reach their full beautiful potential.

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