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Epsom Salt For Hemorrhoids - A Natural Treatment

We love Epsom salt as a natural treatment but it can also be helpful in reducing the discomfort that hemorrhoids can bring.

What are hemorrhoids?

Half the population in the US suffer from hemorrhoids at some time in their lives but when hemorrhoids are mild and in their early stages, they are easy to treat at home. If they are not treated, and become severe or chronic, then more drastic measures are needed.
Hemorrhoids are also known as “piles” because of their appearance. When the veins around the anus or around the rectum become swollen and inflamed, hemorrhoids can occur. If you are unsure whether you have hemorrhoids, and especially if there is bleeding, you should get a positive diagnosis from your medical practitioner. In the case of a clot forming in an external hemorrhoid, which can be extremely painful, your doctor would be able to carry out a simple and effective incision.

5 ways Epsom salt can help with hemorrhoids

  1. Epsom salt is rich in magnesium sulphate and we have written about how regular Epsom salt baths can help to reduce any magnesium deficiency. But that same magnesium sulphate also acts as a laxative, dilating the blood vessels and increasing the blood flow.
  2. Epsom salt also has detoxifying properties, helping to get rid of toxins and impurities. This can be achieved by taking a teaspoon of Epsom salt in a glass of water.
  3. Sitting in a warm and soothing Epsom salt bath helps both the anal and rectum muscles to relax, improving bowel movements. Add two cups of Epsom salt to a warm bath and soak for at least twenty minutes to get the full benefits.
  4. Another advantage of Epsom salt is that it can help to heal any cuts in the anus that releases blood into the stool.
  5. Those same Epsom salt baths will also help to sooth inflammation and relieve the hemorrhoid symptoms of irritation, itching and swelling. Or you can make a paste of Epsom salt with water and apply directly to the affected anal region.

Please remember...

  • Not to confuse Epsom salt with regular table salt. They are very different. While Epsom salt can help to treat hemorrhoids, table salt could make them worse and irritate inflamed rectal veins.
  • When soaking in an Epsom salt bath, not to use any soap in the rectal area.
  • To ensure that Epsom salt agrees with you and your body before ingesting.
Hemorrhoids can often be prevented in the first place with good lifestyle choices including being well hydrated, sticking to a diet that is high in fresh fruit and vegetables - along with plenty of fiber. Our own H-Hemorrhoids Formula is a safe and gentle (as well as cost effective) natural way to shrink your hemorrhoids with established natural ingredients that work quickly and effectively to provide instant relief. The aim is to get rid of itching, stop any bleeding, relieve hemorrhoid pain, soothe inflammation and reduce swelling.  width=