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Essential Oils for Oily Skin


essential oils for oily skin

Many of those who have an oily skin feel that the last thing they should be applying to that skin is an essential oils product.  However, there is no need to be nervous of using oils if you do have oily skin.

A great way to start your journey with an oily skin is to use a cleansing oil.  Our Simply Cleansing Oil will…

It is just as important to nourish and hydrate oily skin as it is with normal skin.  And pure plant ingredients in the form of essential oils will give you beautiful, healthy and resilient skin.  The cold pressing of the essential oils helps to preserve the potency of the natural, active ingredients, allowing them to work more effectively.

Indulge in a ritual of an oil cleanse in the evening, taking a few minutes to massage Simply Cleansing Oil into the facial skin using a warm face cloth for instant relaxation. If you really need to relax after a busy and perhaps stressful day, layer the cleansing oil on the face and neck while enjoying a warm bath for a deep, nourishing cleanse.

simply cleansing oil


Once your oily skin has been thoroughly cleansed and you are starting to feel sleepy, don’t forget that your skin still needs to be nourished and hydrated - and overnight provides the perfect time frame for some TLC.

Sadly, when your skin becomes dehydrated it will look and feel unhappy.  It will easily flare up or lead to breakouts with a parched or dull appearance.

You need a product that penetrates pores to dissolve dead skin cells.  When you have an oily skin, you might think that any spots or blemishes need to be allowed to dry out.  But the opposite is true as drying out will prolong the healing process. 

If you can feed and hydrate any spots or blemishes, that healing process will speed up with the added bonus of less scarring.

Use these three products for a night-time ritual for your oily skin

Apply Simply Eye Serum to target dark circles and any bags under the eyes, nourishing the especially sensitive skin in that area.  The Simply Eye Serum is made from a blend of pure natural essential oils, as well as cold pressed or expeller pressed precious oil, including Almond oil, Rosemary essential oil, Baobab oil, Frankincense essential oil and Cypress essential oil  - all combining to bring you the perfect solution for the eye area to be used at night as part of that all-important skin care routine.

Apply Simply Neck Firming Oil to trigger the process of collagen formation, helping to prevent its destruction. The results are noticeable changes to the otherwise loose neck skin, it becomes tighter with the constant application of our oil.  When applying the Simply Neck Firming Oil, add a few drops to your hand and apply with stroking upwards movements from the base of the neck to the chin - to defy the effects of gravity!

Apply H-Glow Formula for a glowing skin while naturally smoothing and reducing any wrinkles on your skin. This is a natural essential oils formula that is applied to the freshly cleaned face.  And if you have any fine lines, massage some additional drops into those lines themselves to rejuvenate, balance and repair the skin while encouraging cell regeneration.  

Essential oils with their purely natural origins and highly concentrated medicinal properties, are the perfect combatants for oily skin.