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Other Ways That Your Feet Can Work For You

Alkaline bath salt - Basisches Badesalz You might not know that your feet can help you detox your body. It is all thanks to an ancient Chinese medicine where the Chinese system of reflexology teaches us that our feet have natural energy zones that are linked to those organ systems in our body.
Here are some of the ways your feet can work for you...

Here is the recipe for a salt detox foot bath

Ingredients are: Add the first two ingredients to some boiling water, leaving them to dissolve. Add warm water to your foot bath or a regular bath plus the apple cider vinegar, essential oils and salt. Make sure the temperature is right before soaking either your feet or your whole body for half an hour to soothe any skin irritation, detox your body and increase your magnesium levels.

This is the recipe for a clay detox bath

Ingredients are: Dissolve the Epsom salt in a hot bath, and after that add essential oils. Mix the clay with a small amount of water using a wooden spoon before adding to the prepared bath and enjoying a twenty minute soak to detox the body and increase your magnesium levels.

And the ginger detox bath recipe

You will need: Add the ingredients to a bath of hot water and soak in it for half an hour to soothe you and your body while getting rid of toxins.

Commercial foot detox pads are another idea

These are available from good health stores or online. Put onto your feet at bedtime and kept on all night, they go to work removing toxins. You will know if they have done the job if you find the pads have gone dark while you have been asleep. The suppliers point out that these foot pads are the natural, chemical-free way to rid the body of heavy metals, metabolic wastes, environmental toxins, microscopic parasites, mucous, chemicals, cellulite and much more. The ingredients include bamboo vinegar, tourmaline, eucalyptus, agaricus mushroom, neem and chitosan.

There are also ways to look after your feet

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