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Forget the Lotions and Potions...These could be the Answer for a Younger Skin | Amoils.com

 width=Unfortunately, those lotions and potions that we smear and rub into our skin and onto our faces may be harming us irreparably, and we don't even know it. Some of the worst additives include Dioxane and parabens. While mineral makeup contains fewer irritating fillers and preservatives than regular cosmetics, it can still contain allergens.

If you use commercial skin products, look for products with as few ingredients as possible.

The Skin Deep cosmetic safety database is put out by a non profit organization called the Environmental Working Group. The site has safety information on all of types of skin products including skin care, baby products, eye care, nail care, hair care, oral care and fragrance so that you can be more informed. For a veritable Cosmetic Shop of Horrors – you can also find out everything that could harm you from A to Z here. So instead of going back to those same old skin care and other products with their possibility of causing you and your skin serious harm, think about other ways to look after your skin - it is after all your largest organ and happily absorbs everything you put on it.

Just the regular intake of plenty of fresh fruit, herbs and of course vegetables can improve the skin dramatically by increasing the objective markers of skin health

For example skin microcirculation which is responsible for circulating oxygen and nutrients to the skin and resulting in positive changes in the density, thickness and hydration of the skin. If you are not eating the right nutrients, your skin can suffer with dryness and negative changes in the skin structure. Unfortunately, during the ageing process, skin density and thickness will also decrease naturally. Along with improving your skin with the help of nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables, you might like to try making your own vitamin C serum as an extra special and natural anti-ageing product for your skin. Using natural products for the skin such as an essential oils formula or even making your own is very popular as more and more people are starting to thinking carefully before they put something on their skin. Essential natural oils are great because they penetrate deep into the layers of skin and help moisturize from the inside out. When you use a skin care product, 60% of it will be absorbed so it’s best to choose a pure product that is safe, organic and natural with ingredients that are based on botanical plant extracts. An anti-aging vitamin C serum can offer lots of advantages when you decide to make your own. It reduces the number of facial wrinkles while diminishing lines and in addition, it is a protective shield against damaging sun rays. You can obtain the ingredients at your local pharmacy and they are not expensive. You can start to use the serum as soon as you make it so you know it is completely fresh, making a small batch at a time so that you can use some of it immediately while keeping the balance in the refrigerator or somewhere dry and cool. As well as having natural ingredients, you also will not have to worry about the expiration date and the effectiveness of your anti-aging product. The product comprises some 10% concentration of the serum but for people intolerant to a low pH this can bring about skin irritation. If this is you, then the irritation can easily be avoided by making the serum with a 2 to 4 times smaller concentration. When you first make the serum, use it for several days just to test whether it agrees with you skin and if all is well, gradually increase the concentration percentage as the days go by, so that your skin can slowly adapt to it. Always check how your skin reacts to the application. If the reaction causes discomfort such as itchiness or tingling, rinse the affected area.

Anti-aging vitamin C serum

Ingredients 1 to 1.2 g of L-ascorbic acid (approximately ¼ teaspoon) 5 ml or 1 teaspoon glycerine (if you are concerned about using glycerine from animal sources, then look for glycerine that is made from vegetables which is a more expensive product). 5 ml or 1 teaspoon of water Method Dissolve the L-ascorbic acid in the water and when fully dissolved, add in the glycerine. Mix everything together and put in a jar and seal tightly. Keep out of sunlight in a dry and cool place. Once you have made the serum, start applying it only once per day and let your skin adjust initially with night time being the best time. If no skin problems arise, you are free to start using the serum twice a day, and maintain this rhythm of application as long as your skin feels comfortable.