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Getting The Most From The Part Of This Fruit That Usually Goes To Waste!

Avocado slices

Most of us know how healthy avocados are, and many will include them in their diet as often as possible, but did you know that the seed of the avocado is perhaps even more nutritious? I certainly did not and have always popped them straight into the garden compost or occasionally decided to grow one, especially when living in Africa. The avocado seed or pip is now considered to be yet another super food. And this is why...

Top ten health benefits of the the avocado seed

1. Avocado pits are full of antioxidants – so much so that they exceed the flesh of the avocado itself as well as most other fruits, vegetables and healing teas. It is the nourishing oil contained within the seed that has all the richness. 2. They are high in soluble fiber. 3. The avocado seed is helpful in reducing inflammatory disease within the body. 4. It helps ease swelling in the gastrointestinal tract. The seeds contain flavonol, which is another antioxidant and one that helps prevent and reduce tumor growths. 5. The seed provides a diarrhea remedy as well as relieving constipation naturally. 6. The phenolic compounds in the seed will help to soothe gastric ulcers with their antibacterial and anti-viral properties. 7. Avocado seeds are excellent immune system boosters. 8. The seeds also help in the fight against free radical cells, slowing down the aging process (including the symptoms of bone diseases and the aches and pains in joints) while reducing the appearance of age spots and wrinkles. 9. These healing avocado seeds are also used to help lower blood glucose levels while maintaining a healthy weight because of their ability to help curve food cravings. 10. A final benefit is to reduce the likelihood of exercise-induced asthma. With all that goodness going to waste up to now, you might be wondering how you get to eat it?

How to enjoy the benefits of an avocado seed

  • Slice open an avocado carefully.
  • Remove the seed and place it into a plastic bag.
  • Crush with a meat mallet or hammer.
  • Place the crushed seed into a powerful food processor or blender (with sharp blades as you are dealing with a particularly dense and hard seed) and grind it into a fine powder.
  • Sprinkle the seed mixture onto meals, into smoothies and to add texture and nutrition to already healthy drinks.
The uses and the health benefits are endless so don't be tempted to just discard your avocado pit. However, it can have a bitter taste, so it is best used with other flavors so that you are able to reap the benefits, without necessarily tasting the tannins in the pit.