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Gold Dust For Acne & Other Fairy Tales!




There is a new alternative for acne symptoms being publicized - with patients being asked to test it for the manufacturers. The manufacturers are planning on curing acne with the help of gold dust.

How will the test work?

Scientists are looking for fifty volunteers (of all ages) to be part of a trial for testing the new therapy known as Sebacia. Already approved in the USA, the treatment is a face cream containing tiny particles of gold which is massaged into the affected skin pores.

But the application is not as simple as it sounds

Once the cream has been massaged into the skin, a low level laser is used to heat up the gold dust particles with the hope of reducing inflammation - and hopefully cause any acne to disappear with a few days. The researchers feel that because they believe acne is caused by excessive oil (called sebum) being generated by the sebaceous glands, they must reverse the build up of bacteria that can trigger inflammation and lead to acne outbreaks.

The role of dairy products and more in acne outbreaks

  • There exists convincing data supporting the role of dairy products and high-glycemic-index foods in influencing hormonal and inflammatory factors, which can increase acne prevalence and severity. Many do not have a good relationship with dairy. They can suffer from small white spots and bumps on the chin as well as other symptoms. if you are unable to digest dairy, this can lead to inflammation as your body tries to combat the effects of dairy with inflammation-inducing natural chemicals. Sadly, modern dairy products today are full of the artificial hormones that are fed to the cows - and which can disrupt our hormone system and appear on our faces. Try removing dairy completely from your diet for a few weeks to see if your complexion improves.
  • Too much sugar can lead to painful pustular spots on your face and other unwanted symptoms. As with alcohol, sugar can destroy skin elasticity while throwing off the delicate balance of our gut bacteria which can affect the skin on our face – as well as our digestion and more. Try removing sugar from your diet for almost instant improvement in your complexion. Don’t be tempted to switch to artificial sweeteners but change to more natural options such as fruit, honey or dates instead.

This is not the first test

In a small 2014 Harvard study, 23 volunteers also undertook the gold dust treatment. It was found that after 12 weeks, inflammation in the gold dust participants had dropped by 34% while a similar group (who only used face wash) experienced a drop of 16%.

Word of warning

Although the gold dust therapy appeared to work in the earlier study, experts expressed concerns about the long term effects of destroying the sebaceous glands. Not a good idea you would think. We all need pores in our skin for maintenance work – in fact without them, we would die. Oils are secreted through the pores to help keep the skin moisturized and prevent the skin from drying out. So instead of putting your sebaceous glands at risk, we would suggest a proven and natural alternative instead. 

Consider applying a turmeric face mask. The anti-bacterial content in turmeric is ideal for this purpose, while raw honey is both anti-bacterial and moisturizing and the milk in the face mask adds lactic acid to exfoliate the skin.



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